New at Artwork Archive: Recap of the Top 2023 Product Updates

Cassidy Cole | December 20, 2023

An abstract artist with Caucasian hands types on a keyboard in their art studio, logged into their Artwork Archive account on the computer.
Nicky Myny accessing her Artwork Archive account from her computer in her studio. Photo courtesy of the artist.

It's been an exciting year of growth and innovation at Artwork Archive, and we're thrilled to share some of the standout updates from 2023.

These improvements are a testament to our collective mission: to empower artists, art organizations, and collectors like you with tools that simplify organization, enhance management, and amplify the reach of your artwork and collections.

Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these improvements, and we're excited to see how they elevate your art careers and collections.

Here's a glimpse of what you can now do in Artwork Archive.

Simplify Communication with the Contact Picker

Effective communication is essential for creative careers, whether you're connecting with collectors, clients, or collaborators. Artwork Archive's Contact Picker now makes it easy for you to efficiently organize and streamline your connections.

Our newly upgraded feature offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing your contacts. You can effortlessly create custom Contact Groups to categorize collectors, gallerists, fellow artists, publishers, suppliers, media contacts, or anyone who plays a significant role in your artistic practice.

What's more, Contact Groups enable you to conveniently share artwork, Reports, or even Private Rooms with an entire group at once. Additionally, when you share a Report with a Contact, the record of that shared report is automatically logged within their contact record, making it easy for you to keep track of your interactions.

A screenshot shows the Contact Groups page in Artwork Archive with options to select Contacts to add to a specific Group, displayed on a light green background.

Customize the first page of your Public Profile & make a good first impression.

You can now choose your Default Public Landing Page on your Public Profile. This allows you to decide whether you want to showcase your entire portfolio, feature curated Collections, or have your About page as the first thing visitors see.

Your Artwork Archive Public Profile can act as your online portfolio, and this new feature gives you control over the initial experience visitors have on your page.
Setting your Default Public Landing Page allows you to create a specific first impression. You can choose to display your full portfolio, emphasize themed or medium-specific collections, or introduce visitors to your artistic background or give more insight into your collection through your About page.

By strategically customizing your landing page, you can guide visitors directly to what makes you and your creative practice, collection or organization unique. This helps establish a positive first impression and can turn first-time visitors into long-term fans.

Screenshot of the Public Profile Public Settings page in Artwork Archive displaying the Default Landing Page dropdown on a light orange background.

Choose from more ways to display your artwork with the new Grid View Layout.

Artwork Archive now offers an additional way to present your pieces, giving you more flexibility in showcasing your artwork across various platforms. In addition to the existing Tile View, you can now opt for Grid View.

This new layout option is available in your Public Profile and Private Viewing Rooms, allowing you to experiment with different ways to showcase your artwork to various audiences. Grid View can also be used to enhance embedded portfolios on external websites.

Screenshot of a Public Profile on Artwork Archive using Grid View layout on a pink background.

Tailor the display of your Collections on your Public Profile.

Artwork Archive's Collections feature is an essential tool for professionally organizing artwork while strategically showcasing pieces publicly. Our latest updates offer more customization options.

You can now manually adjust artwork order within each Collection by simply dragging and dropping pieces into your preferred public viewing sequence to guide the audience experience.

Additionally, Collections can become your default public landing page with the ability to manually order Collections as well. Lead visitors into focused groupings like exhibition previews, thematic series, or works by common materials to align with your goals for your online portfolio.

A screenshot shows the Collections page in Artwork Archive with options to edit a selected collection for customization, displayed on a light yellow background.

Enhance your Artwork and QR Code Labels with more customization options.

Artwork Archive's labels, complete with the option to include a QR code, offer a professional way to present your artwork and provide viewers with more context. Our upgraded label customization now provides additional tools for personalization attached to your branding.

You can upload your logo to brand labels for a cohesive look. IInclude important contact details such as your website, email, or phone number on the labels. This allows interested collectors to connect with you or access further information easily. You can also include a brief description of the artwork on the labels, providing immediate context for viewers when they are examining your work in person.

Artwork Labels can also offer an efficient way to internally organize your artwork. By adhering labels to the back of your pieces, you can access critical information without the need to search through spreadsheets or look up details elsewhere.

Three-image collage depicting various artwork label options in Artwork Archive, including QR code options for printing on a bright orange background.

Easily add opportunity deadlines to your Artwork Archive Schedule!

Artwork Archive simplifies your submission process with the updated 2024 Opportunities Guide, featuring grants, openings, and calls across various artistic mediums. Discovering your ideal creative opportunities has never been easier.

When you find a promising opportunity, add its deadline to your Artwork Archive schedule with just one click, thanks to our intuitive sync feature. No more juggling scattered application dates separately.

Your Artwork Archive schedule automatically incorporates every event deadline for effortless tracking. Plus, you have the option to receive weekly reminder emails directly in your inbox, ensuring you never miss an important deadline.

With all your important information, artwork and opportunities in one place, you can focus on your creative work without the hassle of piecing together scattered application requirements or rushing to meet last-minute deadlines.

A split screenshot on a light green background shows the Calls For Entry page in Artwork Archive with the option to add entry deadlines to your schedule (top image). The bottom image shows scheduled calls for entry dates added to the schedule calendar feature.


A colorful ad shows text reading "Guide for the Best Artist Opportunities in 2024" and a description for an upcoming guide covering grants, calls-for-entry and more. An orange button at the bottom says "Get the Guide".

Search for Reports

Artwork Archive now offers a convenient search feature right within the Reports page, allowing you to quickly locate specific PDF Reports. This enhancement simplifies your experience, making it easier to find the exact report you need. Whether you're looking for Tear Sheets, Inventory Reports, or other generated reports, our search function streamlines the process, ensuring you can access the information you require efficiently.

Screenshot of Artwork Archive report search interface with a vibrant orange background.

Archive Exhibitions

Keep your Exhibition view organized and clutter-free by archiving exhibitions that are no longer relevant or up-to-date. This simple action allows you to declutter your workspace and maintain a more streamlined and efficient view of your current and relevant exhibitions. With the ability to archive outdated exhibitions, you can focus on what matters most without unnecessary distractions.

A screenshot shows the Exhibitions page in Artwork Archive with the option to archive outdated exhibition records for closed or previous shows, displayed on a pink background.

Default Invoice Notes

Now, you can enhance your invoicing process by setting default invoice notes that automatically appear on every invoice you send. This feature allows you to include important terms, information, or messages consistently, ensuring clarity and consistency in your invoicing communication. By setting default invoice notes, you streamline your invoicing workflow and provide clear and necessary information to your clients without the need for manual input each time you create an invoice. 

A screenshot shows the Account page in Artwork Archive with the ability to add customizable default invoice notes, displayed on a light green background.


Fair Market Value

We've introduced a new feature that allows Collector and Organization clients to effortlessly monitor the Fair Market Value of their artworks. With this functionality, you can easily keep tabs on the current market value of your art assets, providing you with valuable insights into the worth of your collection. This feature simplifies the process of tracking the Fair Market Value, making it more accessible and convenient for our clients.

A screenshot shows the Fair Market Value field present when creating a new piece record in an Artwork Archive organization account, displayed on a purple background.


Loan Tracking for Organization Plans

Our comprehensive Loan Tracking feature simplifies the process of keeping track of artworks that are loaned in and out of your collection. With this tool, you can easily and efficiently manage the logistics of loaned artworks, ensuring that you have a clear and organized record of what's on loan, to whom, and when it's due to be returned. This feature provides you with the peace of mind and convenience you need to effectively manage your art collection's lending activities.

A screenshot shows the Loan Out option available when editing a piece record within an Artwork Archive organization account, displayed on a yellow background.


New Embed: Artist List

We're excited to introduce a new embedding feature that allows you to showcase your Artist List from Artwork Archive on any website effortlessly. This feature streamlines the process of sharing your collection with a broader audience. Now, you can easily embed your Artist List, making it accessible to visitors on your website. It's a straightforward way to share your art collection and the artists behind it, enhancing your online presence and connecting with art enthusiasts more effectively. 

A screenshot shows the integration tab in an Artwork Archive organization account with the option to embed Artists Lists for displaying on a website, displayed on an orange background.

Curious about how Artwork Archive can streamline your art inventory management? Discover these features and more through a free trial—no credit card required.


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