How to Share Your Art Using Artwork Archive's Public Profile

Cassidy Cole | February 10, 2023

Example of a Public Profile / Images courtesy of Unsplash

What is a Public Profile on Artwork Archive?

Your Public Profile is an easy and professional way to showcase your artwork and share who you are as an artist. It's a great way to gain additional exposure, boost SEO, and is an invaluable asset for any artist looking to grow their business. It’s also linked directly to your inventory, so you never have to worry about separately updating the artwork on the Profile. 

It’s available on any device, so you can show your available work to buyers and galleries wherever, whenever. 

By activating your Public Profile, you also become part of our Discovery network where collectors, buyers and art lovers of all types search for art. 

Did you know that you can sell artwork through your Public Profile?

Interested buyers can easily ask about a specific piece through the “Inquire” button or set up a sale by sending you a "Purchase Request" for an artwork. You can also get paid directly for your sale with the PayPal integration available to use on Artwork Archives invoices

Already have a website? That's ok!

We believe that having a website that you have 100% control over, versus a one-size-fits-all template, is important and encourage users to look at the Public Profile as a compliment to their website. That is especially true now that you can easily embed your Public Profile or an individual collection into your own personal website and avoid double entry.

For Collectors and Organizations: The Public Profile is an easy way to showcase your collection as well as sharing information about yourself or your organization.  If you are looking for a way to gain exposure for the collection you've worked so hard to build, this feature is a simple and elegant way to do so.  


Watch the short video below to learn more about how you can use the Public Profile on Artwork Archive to showcase your art portfolio online. 


Want to learn more?

Watch our latest Feature Spotlight webinar focusing on ways you can share your work using Artwork Archive's Public Profile. 


In this session, we cover:
• What a Public Profile is & the benefits of having one
• Customizing your Public Profile to fit your needs
• How to set up and share your work
• How to use your Public Profile to grow your art career
• Using QR Labels to direct people to your Public Profile
• Any questions that you have!



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