Feature Release: Interactive Map View of Your Art Collection

Artwork Archive | May 26, 2020 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Make your artworks more accessible with an interactive map view. 

Here at Artwork Archive we just made it even easier for you to share your art collection. With Artwork Archive's Interactive Map for Organizations, viewers can explore your artworks by location.  

Create a more immersive experience of your art.

We're facing unprecedented times with the current global pandemic. If you have a Public Profile with Artwork Archive, you can share your artworks and curate online exhibitions to continue engagement. 

The interactive map will show the spread of your art collection—whether that be across the country, throughout town or on campus. Viewers can drill down to particular locations and learn more about specific artworks. 

It's easy to share your public art installations, temporary works, galleries and various collections via the map.


Direct the public to artworks without a formal address.

Sometimes artworks are located in places without addresses—that could be a sculpture in a park or a mural in an alley. Enter GPS coordinates for the artwork so you always know where it is located. 
The artwork's GPS coordinates will sync to Google Maps on the Public Profile. People can load directions to the artwork on their Google map app and direct themselves to the artwork easily.

Preparing for our new normal post-COVID.

What will the future hold for our art collections? As a society, we're all acknowledging that there will be no return to normal as we knew it before COVID-19. We're all moving towards a new normal. That may mean less travel, less gathering in groups, more virtual access of cultural heritage, like online art exhibits. 

With the Public Profile and its Map, you'll be ready to meet people where they are—whether that is on their couch or out in the world. We may see more "stay-cations" as people are cautious about venturing out and about. People can do a local walking tour of your art collection with the aid of the map. Or, they can find a specific piece or area to explore. 


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