WEBINAR | Audience Engagement Strategies for Academic Museums and Galleries

Elysian Koglmeier | December 13, 2022

Don't be an island within your community. Learn how to use technology to create deeper connections with your communities on and off campus.

This recorded webinar shares a lively discussion on ways to connect your museum collection with your many audiences–staff, students, faculty, donors, scholars, lending institutions, and more.

That’s a lot of stakeholders when our institutions typically have a small staff! How can you take it all on without spreading yourself, your team and your resources too thin?

Join Courtney Uldrich from the University Art Museum at New Mexico State University and Marisa Pascucci from the Van Every/Smith Galleries at Davidson College for an engaging conversation on utilizing technology to bolster your in-person offerings and to reach beyond your gallery walls.

Ready to take notes? In this webinar we covered:

Get more done with your small team. Gain strategies for collaborating with your staff including modern workflows within your CMS.

Get faculty and students excited about your collections. Form strong partnerships with professors so that they utilize your collection.

Create engaging opportunities with students and interns. Give them digital tools to conduct research and work with your objects.

Effectively manage loans on and off campus. Coordinate details with ease.

Build stronger relationships with your donors. Clearly communicate donation needs with College Advancement.

Make your collection more accessible and discoverable. Discover private viewing rooms, online exhibitions, interactive maps, QR codes and website embeds.


“The Art of Collection Management with Artwork Archive" is a webinar series that highlights popular features and effective workflows within the Artwork Archive platform for collection managers, registrars, gallerists, and their teams. You’ll come away from these presentations with easy-to-execute strategies and tips to set your art organization up for success.

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