VIDEO: Join us for our Year-End Review

Katie Carey | December 21, 2021


We invited all Artwork Archive users to attend our 2021 Year-End Review. 

"Thrive with Artwork Archive" is a webinar series that highlights popular features and effective workflows within the Artwork Archive platform. You'll come away from these short presentations with easy-to-execute strategies and tips to set your art business up for success.

Join us in this recorded webinar to learn more about the features we added in 2021 and how they can benefit your art career in this recording. Plus, hear from other Artwork Archive users as we answer their questions about the product and where we are heading in 2022

A lot can happen in a year. In the last 12 months, we have focused on adding to the already robust suite of business tools for artists and enhanced the site's security and speed. In this short, recorded webinar, you will learn about the new features in Artwork Archive and how they will impact your art business.

So, what will we be going over in the webinar? 


Relationship Management Enhancements

When we look at the most common success drivers for artists, good relationship management is always on the list. Whether you are creating new relationships or managing and growing existing ones, we spent a lot of time this last year adding new features and enhancing existing features to make that process easier than ever.

Learn more about the added features here:


Advanced Collaboration and Communication Features

This was another major focus area for us in 2022 and was driven in large part by the pandemic. Providing effective ways to collaborate and communicate with others during the pandemic was critical to the success of our artists and we focused on building tools to not only help navigate the current challenges we all face but also those that will help drive success in the future.

Learn more about the added features here:


Additional Financial Features Added

 We get more requests regarding the topic of money (sales, invoicing, expenses, revenue, taxes, etc) than any other topic. Those requests were at the heart of innovation in the last year when it comes to the financial tools we've rolled out. 

Learn more about the added features here:


Upgraded Security and Site Speed

One of our top priorities is making sure we maintain your privacy and keep your data secure. In addition to always making sure that we are using best-in-class security and scaling tools, we also are constantly optimizing things on both the front and back end to make sure the site is as efficient as possible for you.

Learn more about the added features here:


Watch the video here:

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