The Collector's Guide to Art Market Resources

Artwork Archive | January 13, 2019 (Updated April 12, 2021)

We've put together some of our favorite sources for keeping up to date on art market activity including podcasts, blogs and news sources. 

These art market resources cover the general art and collectibles market, art law, art finance, education and even the darker side of the business. 

Podcasts for art collectors

ArtTactic podcast 

This podcast is hosted by art advisor Adam Green consists of interviews with the top players in the art market including advisors, museum professionals and news reporters. In the final podcast of 2018, Adam interviewed Judd Tully, veteran art market reporter, to review the art market in 2018. Adam himself is a seasoned art market professional who worked at Christie's auction house for over ten years.

The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper is one of the best sources for reading news about the art world related to politics, social issues and insights about major artists. In 2018, The Art Newspaper podcast included topics like political change in Europe, how artists respond to climate change and coverage of major art fairs like Frieze.

The Art Law Podcast

In 2018, law firm Schindler Cohen and Hochman started The Art Law Podcast hosted by Steve Schindler and Katie Wilson-Milne. The duo covers a different topic on each podcast that intersects art and law. Their subjects have included the financialization of art, Nazi-looted art, censorship and issues with museum deaccession.

Blogs that inspire, inform and educate art aficionados.

If you want to read about the art market ...

The Gray Market

The Gray Market, written by Tim Schneider, reveals the opaque and unregulated side of the art market to industry players including artists, dealers, and other professionals. His goal is to educate these art market professionals so that they can implement best practices into their businesses. Tim's experience includes directing galleries, managing both private and corporate collections and consulting.

The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report

The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report authored by cultural economist Dr. Clare McAndrew is a yearly analysis of major areas of the art market that includes the top countries in the market, auctions, dealers and the online market. Insights into the High-net-worth (HNW) collector space are also included.

One Art Nation

One Art Nation is a resource for videos and a blog with interviews and advice from art market professionals. Topics include risk management, authenticity, taxes, and finance to name a few. They also host educational programming geared toward art advisors and wealth managers.

Artwork Archive

Collectors can get the artist perspective with robust articles with behind-the-scenes insights as well as art market analysis and trend spotting.  


If you are curious about art law ...

Art law blogs are a great way keep up to date on current issues intersecting art and law. Law firms that have art law groups will often write a blog with articles that break down legal issues so that they are more easily digestible for collectors, museums and artists. Topics range from latest lawsuits involving auction houses, dealers and collectors to legislation involving art and cultural property to ongoing WWII restitution cases.

Art Law & More

Boodle Hatfield Art Law & More blog covers issues like export licensing, restitution cases and general art market lawsuits.

Art Law Report

Sullivan and Worcester Art Law Report primarily covers art-related WWII issues but also resale royalties, authentication issues and general legislation involving art and collectibles.

Art @ Law

Constantine Cannon Art @ Law published by the Constantine Cannon Art & Cultural Property Practice Group covers topics like legal issues involving artist foundations and international customs.


If you want to brush up on art & finance ...

Art Trading & Finance

Art Trading & Finance has a monthly newsletter written by Michael Santi and Christian-Marc Keller. The newsletter focuses on art collecting in relation to investment and tax strategies.

Deloitte Art & Finance Reports

Deloitte Art & Finance Reports have been in the works since 2011. The report is an in-depth analysis of art and finance activity in the market and notes on the latest trends in art finance. In 2018 the report included topics like art-secured lending, estate planning, and risk management.

One Art Nation art webinars

Other news resources for art collectors

The art news resources below include coverage of top exhibitions and fairs, news on the global art market, art-related lawsuits and important legislation.

Finally, Artwork Archive publishes weekly articles and resources catered towards collectors, small to mid-sized institutions and artists with topics divided by relevance to each group.

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