How Artwork Archive Improved One Artist's Practice Through Reports

Katie Carey | April 30, 2024

Photo credit: Cathy Williams

Multidisciplinary artist Cathy Williams leverages Artwork Archive to manage her creative process and impress clients and tax professionals alike.

Cathy Williams is a multidisciplinary artist who uses various media to complete her works, predominantly employing acrylic paint and some collage to create her unusual characters. The basis of her creative work is intuitive; her characters evolve as they emerge through the layers of paint, leading to a collaborative process in her practice.

Williams says that she often "destroys" pieces with her rotary sander, then rebuilds them with paint, allowing the history of each piece to be visible. Typically, she adds pertinent information early in the process into her Artwork Archive account for each new piece— a practice she finds beneficial to her art practice. 

She also enjoys including process photos in the new piece record, which her clients appreciate as it shows how and where their artwork began.

By leveraging Artwork Archive's features, Williams has found a powerful solution to the challenges of staying organized as her art practice grows and evolves. Here's what she had to say:

The Power of Organization in an Art Practice

I would consider myself a naturally organized person. However, when my practice became more serious, it seemed things were getting out of hand.

Most times, I'd end up being extremely frustrated when I couldn't find a folder, current bio, recent photo, etc. I can't say enough about having one silo of secured and stored information. It is amazing to me (and so many others) how complete this one-stop shop is for my personal art practice.

"Forever", Cathy Williams Art. Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48 x 2 in (121.92 x 121.92 x 5.08 cm). See more of Cathy Williams artwork here.

Streamlining Art Business Management with Artwork Archive's Reporting

I started using the Report feature immediately to create labels and collect my clients' contact information—what a joy that has been!

Knowing that I can generate inventory lists, art and gallery labels, expense reports, and other details has become an easy way to track and maintain the various aspects of my business. Additionally, incorporating filters to extract and separate specific information has proven to be helpful throughout the years.

Reports Tips from Artwork Archive: 

Try out Reports on Artwork Archive with a free 14-day trial (no credit card or automatic payments at time of trial).


The Role of Artwork Archive Reports in Solo Exhibitions

Artwork Archive's Reports feature is incredibly useful when submitting artwork for exhibitions, whether it's a solo show at a gallery or a submission to a group show. One specific example of how this feature proved invaluable was when I had a solo show at Saks Fifth Avenue. The exhibition featured 49 pieces of artwork, and the art labels that I was able to generate from Artwork Archive quickly, saved me a tremendous amount of time and effort!

Plus, having my current artist bio, artist statement, and artist CV stored and available in MyDocs in Artwork Archive proved incredibly helpful when preparing for such a large event.

Example of Artwork Labels from Cathy Williams in Artwork Archive.

Example of Artwork Labels including thumbnails in Artwork Archive.


How I Use Artwork Archive in My Daily Routine 

Artwork Archive has continually helped keep me organized.

Generally, once a week I'll input my expenses into the platform. I have found that if I'm ordering something online, I'll immediately input this information into my expenses in Artwork Archive. Ideally, each new artwork is given its inventory number and general information (though you can easily filter and sort for artworks without a unique number). More pertinent details will ensue as the piece gains a title, etc.

Though it's not daily, I use the sales information with COA (Certificate of Authenticity) availability whenever I make a sale.

Waving WomanCathy Williams ArtMixed Media on Canvas 8 x 8 x 1.5 in (20.32 x 20.32 x 3.81 cm). See more of Cathy Williams artwork here.

Peace of Mind for Artists from Artwork Archive's All-in-One Solution

Artwork Archive has my back; I don't have to worry about lost information. I know every detail of my practice can be documented and stored in this one location.

When creating, I don't have to concern myself about business details. I know where I can go to provide a report at a moment's notice. It's just one less thing you can take off your plate, and I think that's pretty monumental.

Regarding my clients: The Contacts feature has been invaluable and the COA provides an extremely professional image.


More Tips from Artwork Archive: 

If you're looking to simplify your art business management, Artwork Archive offers a free 14-day trial to explore how you can simplify your art business. Explore how Artwork Archive's reporting features can help you streamline your art practice and allow you to dedicate more time and energy to your artistic pursuits.

Visit Artwork Archive to learn more and start your risk-free trial here.

Example of an Income and Expense Report on Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive Reports Impress Tax Professionals, Streamlining Financial Management

I believe the primary benefit of the Reports on Artwork Archive is the ability to provide my tax accountant with a comprehensive overview of a year's worth of income, sales, and expenses.

I found this feature user-friendly and extremely valuable.

My new tax accountant was amazed when he received the detailed packet including a compilation of approximately 15 pages of information and photographs of the sold work.

It seemed to really impress him and made filing taxes less stressful for me. 

"Start Your Day With A Smile And Get It Over With", Cathy Williams Art. Mixed Media 9 x 12 x 2 in (22.86 x 30.48 x 5.08 cm). 

Staying organized as an artist is no easy feat, especially when your practice starts gaining momentum.

Growing an art career requires a lot of moving parts, but just as Cathy Williams has experienced, Artwork Archive can help you manage every aspect of your art business. Artwork Archive is a one-stop solution for securely storing all your art details, client information, expenses, and more – eliminating frustration and keeping you focused on creating.

Try out Artwork Archive for yourself and see how you can start managing your art career or art business with less stress.

Plus, see more of Cathy Williams artwork on her Artwork Archive Public Profile, Instagram, and read more about her studio practice here


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