15 Reasons Why Academic Museums and Galleries Use Artwork Archive as their Modern CMS Solution 

Elysian Koglmeier | June 22, 2022 (Updated July 24, 2023)

An Artwork Archive Private Room from the Lilley Museum of Art at University Nevada, Reno, generated to share objects from their collection with art history professors. 


Make an impact on campus and beyond with Artwork Archive–a cloud-based CMS. 

Artwork Archive is an affordable and easy-to-use online art collection management system used by academic institutions around the world to digitize, organize, manage and showcase their collections. 

We’re quickly seeing colleges and universities making the switch to Artwork Archive from their outdated databases. They no longer want to be tethered to their desktop or reliant on other colleagues’ licensing. They want a multifaceted database that they’ll actually love to use. But most importantly, they need modern, affordable tools to help them collaborate remotely and easily share their collections with internal and external audiences. 

Academic institutions are able to centralize all of their collection details, images, documents and financial records with Artwork Archive. Thus, they can quickly access information like available teaching objects, campus locations, insurance values, donor details and condition reports. The digital, collaborative database makes it easy to send information to and engage with professors, students, donors, community members and off-site scholars. 

With Artwork Archive you’ll:


Curious why collecting institutions love Artwork Archive? Here are 15 testimonials from our esteemed academic museums and galleries.


Access your art collection database from anywhere and on any device. 

Securely manage your collection, wherever you are. Artwork Archive is cloud-based so accessible on all platforms and devices. That means you can pull up your database from a phone, tablet or on your computer. 

Standing in front of a chipped sculpture on the main quad? Update the object record, contact your conservator, schedule the repair–all from your mobile device. 

"Moving our museum's database online to Artwork Archive allows for easier access for museum staff, university students, researchers, and the community. When Covid-19 shut down in-person visits to the museum, we were still able to connect our community to the works in our collection and easily aid researchers with their inquiries.

Having a cloud-based platform has been incredibly helpful for allowing public access, as well as letting our staff work more easily from home." – Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at University Nevada, Las Vegas


Academic institutions are switching to Artwork Archive from outdated, expensive systems like Filemaker Pro, PastPerfect and Art Systems.  

You don’t have to be stuck on your overly complex and overpriced system. Don’t fear making the switch; the Artwork Archive team of collection professionals will migrate your data for you. They’ll help you extract your data from the old system and populate your new account with a clean set of information.

"We made the switch from Filemaker Pro because it was expensive, only allowed access on a certain amount of computers (with the downloadable software), was extremely hard to learn without detailed training, and didn't provide us with many of the goals of providing access to our community through websites, sharing rooms, etc..

Artwork Archive is extremely easy to use and intuitive. The software seamlessly transferred our previous museum database information into the new software and did so in a way that provided ample space for customization where needed. The system provides easy access for searching and documenting works, and provides really detailed information regarding file uploads, artwork costs and receipts, and managing communications with artists and contacts.” – University Art Museum at New Mexico State University


New Mexico State University's online Public Profile which they use to share their various collections, artist profiles, and exhibitions.


Artwork Archive provides premier services that simplify your workflow, enable collaboration and save you time. 

Artwork Archive offers a suite of online tools that you’ll actually love to use. Our clients often comment on the intuitiveness, beautiful aesthetics and simplicity of Artwork Archive. Even better, we’re constantly updating our platform (at no charge) so you’ll have the most up-to-date releases right when you log in.  

"Artwork Archive has a great private face for us to track our non-profit, permanent, public art collection of 1500+ works (in 10 campus buildings) and growing; and it has a great public face for our students and the community to study and learn more about the art collection.

In terms of art collections software management, I don't think you'll find better than the team at Artwork Archive. They are superbly responsive and help out well when you have a question (and I have a lot of questions). The software does everything we need art collection software to do, and they keep coming up with new features we didn't know we needed but turn out to be super helpful.

I have worked with other art collection software that's fabulously expensive (you know who they are) and nowhere near as good.

Artwork Archive is a tremendous value for the money, and I am hugely grateful for the great team at Artwork Archive making this great product.” – Hudson County Community College 


Promote discoverability and connect with new audiences.

Easily share your permanent collection, rotating exhibits and programming with your communities–near and far. 

Make your collection viewable to the public with Artwork Archive's Public Profile, which drives search engine results directly to your institution. Extend beyond your gallery walls with online exhibitions and an interactive map. Bring fundraisers online and sell artwork virtually. Share information with students, alumni, prospective students, faculty and staff with Private Rooms and seamless website embeds. 

“Artwork Archive not only helps us with collection organization and accessibility but also visibility. It has been incredible to see how many new patrons got to discover The Lilley through Artwork Archive. When one looks for a specific artist on a search engine, if that artist is part of our permanent collection, our Artwork Archive page shows up on their search. We are so happy with all of the facets of the program, including our enhanced online presence.” – John & Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art at University Nevada, Reno


A student intern at the John & Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art at University Nevada, Reno, sitting in the gallery and updating the Artwork Archive database. 


Provide learning opportunities for interns and engaging projects for volunteers.

“We use Artwork Archive for the public facing database of the collection, which consists of approximately 4,000 objects. I have found it easy to use with accommodating and attentive customer service. Our interns work in it on a regular basis–  flushing out sections such as keywords and updating digital files.” – Van Every Smith Galleries at Davidson College

It’s a joy to witness academic institutions engaging with their students and scholars in new ways with Artwork Archive’s web presence. The Lilley Museum at University of Nevada, Reno recently had studio art students peruse the collection virtually, then select an artwork to use for an art project in which they reimagined the artwork and made a new creation inspired by the historical artifact. Art history students also select artifacts and artworks from the Public Profile, conduct further research on the objects, and then their research is added to the database – bolstering the collection's records. 

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art has a volunteer writing image descriptions for all of their artworks. They commented that the volunteer is proud (and surprised) to see their work published so quickly. The Barrick also has student interns contributing to their blog which they host in Artwork Archive’s News section

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art also provides collections management opportunities for UNLV students. Hear from one of their students:

"Artwork Archive is the best introduction to Collections Management that I could have asked for. I feel like being trusted by my team at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art to work on our Artwork Archive profile has prepared me for my future career in collections management and conservation in more ways than one. I have grown much more confident in my ability to work in collections and the many features in such a user-friendly program gives me a great base knowledge for other databases (but why use others when Artwork Archive is so easy to use and so open to feedback to make a great program greater?). I wholeheartedly believe that being proficient in Artwork Archive makes me even more of a competitive candidate when applying to schools and jobs."  – Lauren Dominguez, UNLV student and collections assistant at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art


Easily share your art collection.

“We have been using Artwork Archive at Providence College Galleries and I have to say I really love it. It is very user friendly and has a lot of options when it comes to sharing and storing information.  

In terms of sharing, we have used the Private Room  feature to put together collections for faculty, students, or staff to view information on our collection. 

It is also very handy to have a database in the cloud and not be tied to a physical workspace.” – Providence College Galleries


Artwork Archive's report feature is robust. 

An essential part of managing your art museum or gallery is the ability to quickly generate and send comprehensive reports. With Artwork Archive you can create reports with a few clicks of a button. Better yet, you can templatize the reports, send your reports directly from your Artwork Archive account, and always see what you have shared, when, and to whom. 

Artwork Archive reports include inventory reports, Portfolio Pages, QR code labels, maintenance reports, gallery and address labels, and more. 

“We use Artwork Archive to track our art collection, and use it because it is quite reasonably priced and the report features are robust. If someone has a question, I run and send them a report. I like that the thumbnail images are included.” – Springfield College


Artwork Archive is affordable. 

You don’t need grant funding for your new CMS. Save money for other items in your budget. With Artwork Archive you won’t spend extra for technology updates, training, customer support of data migrations. It’s all included in plans starting at about $20/month. Artwork Archive proves that you don’t have to spend thousands for a premier CMS. 

“Why did we choose Artwork Archive? Cost…and it had all of the features we needed. And some we didn't even realize we needed. The cost is extremely affordable in comparison to other systems out there.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Artwork Archive gives you ample opportunity to test it before you subscribe.

We want you to be happy with your choice in us so we make sure you learn as much as you can about the platform before subscribing.

Sign up for a free demo. We’ll record it and share it with your colleagues when you present options for selection.

We also have a free 14-day trial so that you can use the database as a sandbox – explore the features, see how it feels with your artworks and information in it. Use our Bulk Upload tool to upload up to 20 artworks at a time or easily move artworks from one location to another with our Manage Inventory tool.

“Artwork Archive was recommended to me by a colleague who also oversees a relatively small art collection. As soon as I contacted them they immediately responded with a helpful demonstration and answer to all my questions. The product is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and has a clean look. It also allows easy posting to social media. There is the additional advantage of reporting in various formats that allow for inventory analysis. A great product!” – Blackfriars Gallery & Library at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology 


Preserve critical information about your objects for future generations.

A comprehensive database helps you be a better steward of your art collection. There is so much critical information and documentation associated with your artworks, exhibition records, conservation efforts, artist profiles, etc. Artwork Archive makes it easy to digitize all of these details and documents.

“Being able to upload multiple different file formats to an entry has also allowed us to create more robust files on our collection.” – Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at University of Nevada Las Vegas


The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at University Nevada, Las Vegas creates virtual exhibitions to compliment their onsite shows – bringing their exhibits to students, community members and scholars outside of the city and state. These exhibits along with other aspects of the Public Profile can be embedded onto your website.


No matter the size of your collection – small or immense – Artwork Archive meets your needs.

Your collection management system can create access for all–from small collections that serve rural communities to museums with global reach. Digital tools empower your team and harness your collections to strengthen your mission. Technology allows us to work smarter. 

“I have found Artwork Archive to be interested in what we are doing and willing to work with us to ensure that the software is matching our needs. We are a small gallery and so our needs parallel but they have been actively engaged.” – Blackfriars Gallery & Library at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology 


Your CMS can be a fundraising tool. Sell art online with Artwork Archive.

Sell artwork beyond your gallery walls. During COVID arts nonprofits became creative with the ways that they engaged with their supporters. We’re seeing arts organizations create online fundraisers to increase revenue and donations, and boost engagement. 

“We started documenting all of our rotating exhibits with Artwork Archive. The response has been truly incredible.  Requests for purchasing artwork has basically tripled.  And now we are so happy to be able to share our Permanent Collection, providing a much more engaging experience for our patients, visitors and staff.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Artwork Archive constantly updates its platform–evolving to meet your needs.

“The staff are committed to improving the platform and highly receptive to suggestions on how to make the platform more useful to our academic museum.” – Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at University of Nevada, Las Vegas


You’ll get unmatched value and unparalleled support.

Artwork Archive is the most affordable and effective way to manage your art collection. There is not a single product on the market that offers a product as feature-rich for a similar price point. Exceptional customer service is one of our company's core values. You can rest assured that you will receive prompt support from knowledgeable people that care.

"I greatly appreciate the prompt and comprehensive support the Artwork Archive team has been providing." – Singapore Management University


Potential is limitless with Artwork Archive.

"Within under a year this database has truly advanced our museum database systems to another level. We are able to easily track and document all of our pieces on any laptop, iPad, or phone as needed.

We can quickly create rooms to share with visiting scholars, and on campus professors which has vastly increased our ability to work collaboratively with our NMSU campus and outside.

As we continue to use the software, I am certain that we will continue to find new and innovative ways in which the system provides quick and purposeful solutions to many of the issues we had with our older previous database." – University Art Museum at New Mexico State University


Artwork Archive is passionate about supporting academic institutions.

With plans starting at $29/month and a lifetime 30% discount for nonprofits, it’s easy to make the case to switch to Artwork Archive. We welcome you to join our esteemed academic clients like New Mexico State University, Davidson College, Brown University, RISD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Hudson County Community College, Villanova University and more. 

Schedule a demo and try our 14-day free trial here.

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