Why Inventorying Your Art Benefits Your Career

Artwork Archive | January 17, 2016 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Inventorying your art is like going to the dentist.

Or, is it?

From gaining respect from people who matter and saving valuable time to informing your business strategy and possibly increasing the value of you art(!), archiving your art is way more exciting than getting your teeth cleaned. Though, we have nothing but the utmost respect for dental hygiene.

So, set up that art inventory software (it makes this all so much easier) and start enjoying the perks!

Here's what art inventorying helps you do:

Command respect

If you come across as organized, punctual, and with the right information at the ready, you’ll gain respect and interest from your professional contacts. This greatly affects future business relationships. For instance, you’ll impress art dealers when you can deliver polished consignment reports in a timely fashion.

These same people may question your professionalism if you don’t know where your artwork is located (this actually happens more than you think!).

Strategize for success

You’re probably wondering why would simply archiving your artwork help you with business strategy?

Well, when you’ve organized all your pieces, client information, sales, and galleries, you’ll start to see very illuminating patterns forming. You’ll pinpoint who your best clients are and which galleries are working the hardest to sell your artwork.

You’ll see how much art you’re producing versus selling each month, so you’ll know what to focus on the next month. You can use all this valuable information to make informed decisions to improve your business.

Artwork Archive has easy insights to help you along, too:

Tackle taxes and insurance in better form

Nobody wants to think about insurance or taxes when there’s a fresh tube of paint or newly purchased clay on the table. But, you’ll be so glad you did when (and if, in terms of insurance) the time comes. Archiving your artwork will allow you to know the value of your entire inventory.

And, if you track your sales in art inventory software, you’ll know how much money you’ve made on each piece and the expenses you accumulated thoughout the year. It’s always exciting to see how much money you’ve made through your hard work!

Sharing your art is a breeze

Archiving your art makes sharing and promoting it so much easier. You’ll also have beautiful images and all the details ready to go when you want to upload new art to your social media channels or send to collectors.

Artwork Archive even lets you share work online directly from your inventory. You simply select what pieces to make public and voilà. They’re on your Public Page, and can be shared on Discovery. Or, integrate this stunning gallery directly on your artist website, so your online presence is always up-to-date and you can skip the double data entry.

Spend time on what matters

Who wants to waste time rifling through endless notebooks, receipts, and emails to find the right information? It’s stressful, takes away from precious studio time, and keeps your clients and galleries waiting.

Having everything at your fingertips allows you to spend more time doing what you love. It also makes consigning works and preparing for exhibitions a breeze. This allows these events to be more fun, and less chaotic.

Want to know the best part?

Increase the value of your artwork

Art collectors like knowing the provenance behind the art they’re considering. If they’re deciding between two similar artworks by different artists and one has a documented history, which one do you think will pique more interest? Exactly.

If your artwork comes complete with an exhibition, competition, and publication history, it’s going to be a lot more interesting than art without a story. Now this isn’t guaranteed, but it’s still pretty exciting. So, track and record all this information in your inventory management system, so you can whip it out and impress collectors.

Learn more from Cedar Lee at Art by Cedar.

Reap the rewards and inventory your art

Whether your priority is cutting down on stress and saving time, or cementing important relationships and promoting your artwork–or a combination, you go-getter, you–archiving your art will help you reach your goal. So, set up your art inventory management software and get to work.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Check out Artwork Archive’s inventorying guide to help get you started. When everything’s in order you can concentrate on creating the art career you’ve always wanted.

Want to learn what else Artwork Archive can do to help you make a living creating art? Watch our video.

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