What Are the Artwork Archive Reports?

Artwork Archive | October 1, 2018 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Inventory Reports for Artists

Have you been wondering about what the "reports" in Artwork Archive are exactly?

Artwork Archive's reporting features help artists free up hundreds of hours by creating inventory lists, invoices, gallery labels and consignment reports with a click of a button.

Think of Artwork Archive's reporting tool as an electronic assistant that helps you generate pre-formatted PDF lists with a thumbnail of your artwork and custom information for your galleries, clients or for insurance purposes. 

No messing around with design programs or struggling to format something professional in Word. Artwork Archive's reports let you quickly produce professional reports and present your work with a polished edge. Thousands of artists all around the world are recognizing how reporting is saving them time and keeping them organized. 

"If you value your time, this program is for you. Any aspect of an art business is addressed. I researched many programs before selecting this one. I selected artwork archives because I felt it was cost effective, easy to use and the technical support is excellent." Carol Ann Kapheim


So, what type of reports can you generate with Artwork Archive?

  • Generate detailed inventory lists of your artwork. Inventory reports are a way to quickly create a polished, curated list of your artworks in a few clicks. You choose the details you want to include or keep out. 
  • Create consignment reports that make your artwork stand out. Make communication with your galleries and clients a breeze when they inquire about certain artworks. Easily include key information like price, dimensions, dates, notes etc.
  • Send invoices and get paid faster with Artwork Archive reports. Simplify your accounting process and ensure a professional experience for your client. 
  • Attach gallery labels and simplify the shipping process. 
  • Share and present your work to potential buyers with portfolio pages. Collate and send your pages as a catalog. 
  • Provide authenticity to your work by producing a certificate of authenticity. 

Watch this short video to learn more. Then, claim your free trial to start saving time and generating your own reports.  


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