The Best Artist Grants & Opportunities in October 2022

Paige Simianer | September 21, 2022

Photo courtesy of artist Victoria Johns 

Time to rake in those opportunities like fallen leaves! 🍂

Wonder what’s on the horizon for your art career this month? The good news is that you don't have to search too hard. Our team at Artwork Archive found the best residencies, artist grants, and open calls with deadlines this October.

You never know which call could bring you the right funding, time, or chance to take your art career to the next level, so take a look below (sorted by those deadlines coming up first) and find your next opportunity! 

Not finding anything that's right for you yet? Be sure to check back often as we are constantly adding new opportunities to this guide throughout the month.

Plus, be sure to take a peek at our 2022 Complete Guide to Artist Grants and Opportunities to find a list of artist opportunities for the rest of the year!




The Artadia Awards provide financial support, exposure, and recognition to artists. The awards are unrestricted, allowing artists to use the funds in any way they choose. The Artadia Awards provide financial support, exposure and recognition to artists. The awards are unrestricted, allowing artists to use the funds in any way they choose. Each year, an open-call application is made available in each of the six active partner cities (LA, Chicago, New York, Louisville, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston). Supporting artists equitably is a critical part of the Artadia Award process: they consider the unique populations of each community and are proud to reflect our country’s diversity with an Awardee pool that is over 50 percent female and over 40 percent persons of color.

DEADLINE: Atlanta Application: Sept 1 – Oct 1, 2022; 

AWARD INFO: Three Awardees in each city to receive unrestricted funds of $10,000. Marciano Artadia Awardee receives unrestricted funds of $25,000. 

WHO: Applicants must be a contemporary visual artist, making artwork for presentation in a contemporary art context: museum, galleries, arts non-profits, the public art realm, etc. Artadia does not fund filmmakers making films for distribution in cinematic venues, or those working in choreography presented outside of a contemporary art context. More requirements listed.

Sculpture Grants

The National Sculpture Society invites artists to apply for its Sculpture Grants. $5,000 each. The Alex J. Ettl Grant, Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant and Stanley Bleifeld Memorial Grant are annually awarded grants to sculptors who have demonstrated a commitment to sculpting and outstanding ability in their body of work. Details vary slightly for each grant. All applicants must be citizens of or residents in the United States with a social security number.

DEADLINE: October 3, 2022

FEE: Free 

AMOUNT: 5,000 each

WHO: National (U.S.); Sculpture 


The Bennett Prize

The Bennett Prize seeks to propel the careers of women figurative realist painters who have not yet realized full professional recognition, empowering new artists and those who have painted for many years. The Prize awards $50,000 to a woman artist to create her own solo exhibition of figurative realist paintings, which will travel the country. For the first time, a runner-up award of $10,000 will be given to one additional finalist. Four-person jury: Julie Bell (artist), Zoey Frank (artist), Joseph Rosa (Frye Art Museum), & Steven Bennett (Prize co-founder). Women figurative realist painters are cordially invited to submit their work. $40 entry fee

DEADLINE: October 7, 2022

AWARD INFO: $50,000

FEE: $40

WHO: National (U.S); Painting; Women-identifying artists

Phoenix Studio Award 2022

The Phoenix Studio Award offers one year of support through rent–free studio space and other opportunities.

The award has been established to celebrate talent, individuality and original thinking within contemporary art practice. It aims to increase and strengthen equitable representation and access, and amplify artistic voices across class, race, gender, sexuality and disability to fully reflect the diversity of Brighton and Hove’s population.

The award supports artists at any stage of their careers including emerging and under–represented practices. Artists who are marginalised or experience intersecting forms of discrimination are particluarly welcomed. The Award will be allocated based on talent and need.

DEADLINE: October 10, 2022

AWARD INFO: Studio Space; A rent–free workspace at Phoenix Art Space (central Brighton) for one year, starting in November 2022.24–hour access.

FEE: Free to apply 

WHO: National; All mediums 


The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

 The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant is one of the most prestigious grants available to emerging figurative artists, as well as one of the most substantial. It is one of the longest-standing foundations, with an illustrious history of recipients spanning more than half a century. It is also unique in its scope, in that it is available to students and artists around the world.


WHO: Young artists pursuing their studies or in the early or developmental stage of their career. 

AMOUNT: First grants are in the amount of CAD $15,000 each, and subsequent grants are in the amount of CAD $18,000 each (maximum three grants).

FINE PRINT: The Foundation does not provide funding for the pursuit of abstract or non-objective art. Grants are intended to assist applicants in the study or practice of their art, and the costs associated therewith, such as tuition, studio rental, model fees, travel, and living expenses. Eligible courses of study or training include undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate studies and diploma programs from accredited institutions, recognized residencies, apprenticeships/internships, and studio training. Grants are not intended as work or project grants for more experienced or mature artists.

 Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to apply. Learn more here.


Awesome Foundation Grant

A micro-granting organization, funding “awesome” ideas, The Awesome Foundation set up local chapters around the world to provide rolling grants of $1000 to “awesome projects.” Each chapter defines what is “awesome” for their local community, but most include arts initiatives and public or social practice art projects.

DEADLINE: Ongoing—monthly grants offered.

AMOUNT: $1000

WHO: Anyone is eligible for a grant — individuals, groups, and organizations alike. All Mediums 

FINE PRINT: Grants are not given for studio space, strictly salary, or supplies. The project needs to make the community more “awesome” —think public works. More info here.

The Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant

The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant program is intended to provide interim financial assistance to qualified painters, printmakers, and sculptors whose needs are the result of an unforeseen, catastrophic incident, and who lack the resources to meet that situation. Each grant is given as one-time assistance for a specific emergency, examples of which are fire, flood, or emergency medical needs. 

DEADLINE: Ongoing Deadline 

WHO: Artists who can demonstrate a minimum involvement of ten years in a mature phase of his or their work. Painters, printmakers, sculptors.

AMOUNT: The maximum amount of this grant is $15,000; an award of $5,000 is typical.

FINE PRINT: The program does not consider requests for dental work, chronic situations, capital improvements, or projects of any kind; nor can it consider situations resulting from general indebtedness or lack of employment. Learn more here.


Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

Created in 1993 to further FCA's mission to encourage, sponsor, and promote work of a contemporary, experimental nature, Emergency Grants provide urgent funding for visual and performing artists who: Have sudden, unanticipated opportunities to present their work to the public when there is insufficient time to seek other sources of funding; or, incur unexpected or unbudgeted expenses for projects close to completion with committed exhibition or performance dates.

Each month FCA receives an average of 95 Emergency Grant applications and makes approximately 12-15 grants. Grants range in amount from $500 to $3,000, and the average grant is now $1,700.

DEADLINE:  Ongoing Deadline 

WHO: Residing in U.S. or U.S. territories. Visual and performing artists.

AMOUNT: Up to $3,000




La Tempéra - artistic & creative retreat in Burgundy

La Tempéra is an artistic residency and community founded in 2016 and located in the beautiful countryside of Burgundy, France, 2 hours away from Paris. La Tempéra hosts writers, artists and creative professionals looking to focus on their projects, connect with other creators, and enjoy the beautiful nature and culture that surround us.

The property consists of several houses within a hamlet surrounded by meadows and woods, close to the Vézelay Abbey and the Morvan natural park, and 2 hours away from Paris by train.

DEADLINE: October 1, 2022

DATES: 2 weeks to 6 months

WHERE: Burgundy, France

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: International; Writing, painting, sculpture, photography, music, and more.


Isla de Crear

Isla de Crear is looking for artists, craftspeople, thinkers and creatives from all different fields to explore the theme:


The theme is purposefully kept as broad as possible, and you are encouraged to think as tangentially as possible. They are not looking for the same ol’ works, but instead want to encourage all visiting creatives to challenge themselves into doing new things and exploring new forms.

The residency is particularly interested in people who wish to work with found objects and repurpose them, as their junk yard is full of materials, but is open to all forms of creations: visual, performative, audible, theoretical, scholarly, written, etc.

DEADLINE: October 2, 2022

DATES: 4 weeks

WHERE: Spain

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: International; all mediums


Nocefresca Residency

Nocefresca is a residency that brings together artists, designers, writers and creative nomads from around the world. The objective is for artists to focus on their projects while experiencing the inspiring environment of Sardinia island, Italy, rich in nature, history and culture.

Away from the constraints of everyday life and far enough from the pressures of big cities, each participant can have access to a fully equipped workplace, accommodations and professional support.

DEADLINE: October 2, 2022

DATES:  1 to 3 months

WHERE: Milis, Sardinia, Italy

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: International; All mediums 


The Inbreak Residency

The Inbreak Residency is a virtual co-learning and making environment that promotes a collective exploration of the intersections of art, faith, and race in the United States. This residency is for artists who are looking for a collaborative environment to generate community-focused projects, who are seeking the next step in their artistic development, or who want to grow in the area of creative leadership.

Over the course of three months, residents engage in a virtual program that includes ten group workshops, two group feedback sessions, two 1:1 studio visits, and a curriculum featuring a curated selection of viewings, readings, and dialogue prompts.

DEADLINE: October 2, 2022

DATES:  Once a week for twelve consecutive weeks from January through March

WHERE: Virtual; Online

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: National (U.S.); visual artists


Casa na Ilha Residency

Casa na Ilha is a retreat space to devote time and focus to your creative pursuits in an ecological paradise. Artists can intensely dedicate to their work in progress or develop new projects. The main goal is that artists are able to focus on their ideas and projects, enhancing creativity and inspiration and connect, between them, the local community and nature.

Artists work on a self-directed residency: you will have uninterrupted, self-directed work time. There will be no pressure for you to deliver finished work; you can focus solely on research and development of ideas. However, during your stay there will be a tutor on location 24/7 to discuss ideas, projects and progress of work during the duration of the residency time, respecting artists pace and direction. There is not a set program or itinerary for artists to follow, sessions and tutor advice and support will be approached personally case by case around artists self-directed practices. 

DEADLINE: October 3, 2022

DATES:  2 to 4 weeks from March 2, 2023—December 15, 2023

WHERE: Ilhabela Island, Brazil

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: International; All mediums


FOTOFÓLIO is an artist residency program that gives the opportunity to emerging or professional photographers to concentrate, reflect, receive feedback and enrich their photography portfolio.

In the first edition (Nov 2022) the program will focus in the creation of a photo-book project.

Together with other participants, this residency wants to create a knowledge sharing time and provide the tools to improve and maturate the photography portfolio.

DEADLINE: October 9, 2022

DATES:  3 weeks: 7-27 November 2022

WHERE: Portugal 

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: International; 25 yo and above; Photography 



The residency program #Ey!Studio AiR is designed to provide the ideal environment for artistic creation in direct contact with the artistic context of the city of Madrid based on coexistence and community. The residencies are for individual artists with a minimum stay of one month, although three months is recommended for the proper development of the project, the maximum stay is for a period of 6 months.
The #Ey!Studio AiR program is run by artists/curators and intended for artists and researchers who do not live in Madrid, Spain.

DEADLINE: October 15, 2022

DATES:  November 1, 2022—March 30, 2023

WHERE: Madrid, Spain

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply 

WHO: International; All mediums 


Sonoma Ceramic's Residence Program 

Self-directed program for emerging or established ceramic artists. Two all-inclusive residencies offered each year for potters and ceramic sculptors. 

DEADLINE: October 15, 2022

WHERE: Sonoma, CA

FINE PRINT: Studio space and apartment provided. Solo exhibition at the end of the term.

WHO: National (U.S.); Ceramic artists 


Mono Lisboa

The residency at mono welcomes applications from artists in a variety of media for a duration of two months.

The residency programme is also open to researchers and curators, as well as practitioners working with performing arts, sound, material research/craft, and film.

The programme’s goal is to provide time and space for residents to focus, and through exchange, gain insight, broaden, and diversify their outlook.

mono is collaborating with local cultural institutions and offers the possibility to organise presentations and engage with the local scene by conducting artist talks or workshops at mono or other locations.

Each residency will end with an exhibition or open studio inside the residency space.

DEADLINE: October 16, 2022

DATES: 2 months from May 27—July 28, 2022

WHERE: Portugal 

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply

WHO: International; All mediums 


Sptisbergen Artist Residency

What is it like to experience unending night? In Svalbard, the sun does not rise from November through the end of January. It may be dark, but it is not without light. Starlight, moonlight, and the spectacular northern lights. This residency is for those interested in astrophotography, photographing the northern lights, or a time to concentrate on completing a specific project without distractions or interruptions.

DEADLINE: October 31, 2022

DATES: two weeks to two months ending January 31, 2023

WHERE: Svalbard

FEE: Free to apply; residency fees apply

WHO: International; Photography

Open Call: Residency & Exhibition Summer 2023

The 7th Edition of the artist-run award opens on 1st August 2022, with a residency opportunity for 3 emerging visual artists

The Boynes Emerging Artist Award with the Rural Residency for Contemporary Art, will provide 3 winners with the opportunity to participate in a 1 month residency in the Italian Alps in August 2023. Winners will also have a group exhibition at the end of the residency as well as be given priority when submitting exhibition proposals to the U.S based Future Tense Gallery.

Submissions to this open call open on the 1st August and close 30th October and welcome emerging artists worldwide in all 2D & 3D mediums.

DEADLINE: October 30, 2022

AWARD INFO: 3 winners win a 1 month fully funded residency in the Italian Alps, Group exhibition and exhibition proposal prioritization at the U.S based Future Tense Gallery

WHERE: Italian Alps

FEE: $35-45

WHO: International; Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture




International Winter Art Show

The DEGA International Art Association announces a call to artists for an international juried art competition & exhibition, November 17 - December 26 at Degallery in Bryan, Texas. Over $2,000 in awards. Open to all artists 18 years of age. All countries welcome. Original work only: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, and Original prints, hand-pulled by the artist. Note that this last category does not include copies and reproductions of original work. Work created in a class or workshop or with guidance of an instructor is not eligible. $35 entry fee. Free for DEGA International Art Association members. 

DEADLINE: October 1, 2022

DATESNovember 17—December 26

AWARD INFO: Over $2,000 in awards

FEE: $35

WHO: International;  Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, and Original prints


Embracing Our Differences – 2023 Exhibit

Artists, photographers, professionals, amateurs, students are asked to submit their interpretation of the theme “enriching lives through diversity and inclusion.”

Embracing Our Differences invites you to participate in creating a world where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated. Become a part of this exciting change through your visual art or creative writing submission to the annual Embracing Our Differences juried competition.

Your art must be HORIZONTAL in orientation. Click here to download templates for creating Embracing Our Differences artwork in the proper dimensions.

DEADLINE: October 5, 2022

AWARD INFO: A total of $3,000 will be presented in the form of three separate awards – $1,000 each for “Best-in-Show Adult”, “Best-in-Show Student” and the “People’s Choice”.


WHO: International; Any discipline


Happiness - 2022

Happiness exhibition encourages you to submit your artworks and share the artistic interpretation of “Happiness” for a chance to join us in another popular show by Exhibizone that so far has attracted 4,000,000+ visitors globally. 

Submission is free, and a small fixed fee applies to selected artists only.

DEADLINE: October 9, 2022

DATES: October 25—November 25, 2022

FEE: FREE to apply 

WHO: International; all mediums 

Big Gay Art Show 

In December 2022, the Big Gay Art Show will return to the Sedona Arts Center exhibition schedule. The Big Gay Art Show is a juried art show that exhibits and sells artwork in support of the LGBTQ+ community and allies. In the past, Sedona Arts Center hosted and promoted this event. They are now running and hosting the event at the request of Sedona Pride. The show will run from December 7-23, 2022.

The Big Gay Art Show is a much anticipated, well attended exhibition open to all artists in any medium and of any level. In 2012, the Big Gay Art Show was conceptualized by a small group – some connected to SAC and others in the Sedona Pride organization. The event began as an effort to offer the LGBTQ+ community a voice in the local art scene. Since that first show, SAC has welcomed hundreds of emerging and professional artists to Sedona to share their work throughout the history of the event. 

DEADLINE: October 7, 2022

DATES: December 7—December 23, 2022

FEE: $15

WHO: National (U.S.) members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community; All mediums



BROUHAHART is now accepting submissions for their Virtual Exhibition “MY GENERATION”

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work.

There is no charge to submit your application, please feel free to share your work. [A small fee (£28) is applied per artist once they have been selected for the exhibition].

The team will review all applications and the selected works will be announced.

DEADLINE: October 8, 2022

FEE: Free to apply 

AWARD INFO: Solo Exhibition

WHO: International; Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting


Hawaii Nei Art Exhibition 2022

All media juried art exhibition celebrating the native flora and fauna of Hawai‘i Island. Residents of the Island of Hawai‘i are eligible to participate. All works must be original (no prints or giclèe), have been created in the last two years and must not have been previously shown in any other exhibition, gallery, or website. Artwork in any medium or combination of media is welcome. The Acquisition Award Selection Committee under the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (SFCA) will be viewing this yearʻs show.

DEADLINE:  October 14, 2022

DATES: November 4, 2022 - December 15, 2022

FEE: $15

WHO: State (Hawai'i); All mediums 


Political Storm

Though often divisive and inflammatory, politics in today's world cannot be avoided. The intrinsic beliefs and opinions that shape us as human beings can almost always be seen in a political light.

This show takes place right before the critical elections and this exhibition hopes to explore continued political discourse with the use of imagery to make the point of the current state of the nation.

The artwork may be literal of a politician or political issue or opinion, it may be figurative and interpretive.​

Your artwork can be commentary about subjects like Animal Rights, Black Lives Matter, Blue Wave, Climate Change, Covid, Crime, Education, Environment, Gun Control, Gun Rights, Human Rights, Immigration, Inflation, Jobs and the Economy, LGBTQ+, Misinformation, Monkey Pox, National Security, Opioid Epidemic, Pride Issues, Pro- Choice, Pro-Life, Red Wave, Blue Wave, Tax Reform, Terrorism, Trade, Trans Rights, or any other political subject that you are interested in.

DEADLINE:  October 15, 2022

DATES: November 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

FEE: $35

WHO: International; all mediums 


The Surreal

The Chateau Gallery seeks entries for an online photography exhibition, November 1 - December 1, 2022. All black and white, color, conventional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission. 

DEADLINE:  October 15, 2022

DATESNovember 1 - December 1, 2022

FEE: $20

WHO: International; Photography 

10th Annual International Juried Print Exhibition​

Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery invites printmakers from around the world to submit work for the 10th Annual International Juried Print Exhibition to be held at Remarque from December 2, 2022 to January 28, 2023. The Exhibition aims to present a collection of innovative prints featuring themes and techniques from all traditions of printmaking. Works from all printmaking traditions, including, but not limited to: relief, etching, monotype, collagraph, photopolymer intaglio are invited. There is a particular interest in combinations of printmaking traditions.

Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is one of the first completely non-toxic printmaking facilities in the country. Their award-winning studio offers access to printmaking equipment and year-round classes in a great range of techniques. 

DEADLINE:  October 16, 2022

DATESDecember 2, 2022 to January 28, 2023

FEE: $35

WHO: International; Printmaking


Breaking (Not) Bad

Artists creating works out of broken or repurposed materials is part of a tradition that has been referred to as  ‘junk art’, born out of rebellion and the freedom to make art art of almost anything. In the field of contemporary mosaic arts, “picassiette” or the use the up-cycling of broken ware, is a specific form of expression among many practitioners. Although it can be a materially driven art form, the up-cycling of broken ware has more emotional reasoning behind the artist’s choices of broken or unbroken shards and objects that each may have a personal connection with.

The Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics is doing a call to artists for "Breaking (not) Bad", a juried  exhibition featuring a collection of works by artists who work in “picassiette” up-cycled, repurposed, or non-traditional mosaic materials.

DEADLINE:  October 28, 2022

DATESNovember 25, 2022—January 14, 2023

FEE: $30

WHO: International; Mosaic artists



Limner Gallery in Hudson, NY announces a call to artists for a juried art exhibition, March 8 - April 1, 2023. This is an open call, all media and types of work are accepted. $35 entry fee. 

DEADLINE:  October 31, 2022

DATESMarch 8 - April 1, 2023

FEE: $35

WHO: International; All Mediums 




Artistonish Magazine 27th Issue - October 2022

Artistonish invites you to submit your original art for publishing in the magazine's 27th issue in October 2022.

Artistonish is an international contemporary art magazine published by Discover the Artist media holding. Each magazine issue presents significant artworks created by brilliant artists from all around the world. 

Both online and print-on-demand versions of the magazine are published in full-color glossy A4 pages and will be accessible to thousands of art experts, collectors, and enthusiasts from over 120 countries. Each artwork image will be showcased separately in one full page including artwork data, artist photo and a lifetime active link associated with a QR code.

Moreover, all selected artists will receive social media promotional badges, digital certificates, readers ratings and comments, and analytic reports.

DEADLINE: October 2, 2022

FEE: Free to Apply 

WHO: International; All mediums 


8th Annual Figures & Faces Art Competition

Fusion Art invites submissions for the 8th Annual Figures & Faces art competition for an online exhibition during the month of October 2022.

For this competition, both 2D and 3D artists, worldwide, are invited to submit their best art depicting the human form - both figures & faces. All artists, regardless of location or experience, are invited to submit their best representational and/or abstract art and photography.

Choice of a cash prize or complimentary one-year membership to Fusion Art's Members Gallery for Best in Show winners. Also invitations to Fusion Art's Annual Group Show in Santa Fe, NM in 2023 for Best in Show winners.

Winners and finalists are provided with extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.

DEADLINE: October 3, 2022

DATES: October 10, 2022 - December 9, 2022

FEE: $25

WHO: International; All Mediums

5th Annual Women Artists Art Competition

Fusion Art seeks entries for an online art exhibition, October 15 - January 14. Cash prizes and an invitation to Fusion Art's Annual Group Show in Santa Fe, NM in 2023 for Best in Show winners. In lieu of the cash prize, Best in Show winners can choose a complimentary one-year membership to Fusion Artist's Members Gallery, as long as they meet the eligibility. Jurors: Chris & Valerie Hoffman. For the 5th Annual Women Artists art competition, the gallery invites both 2D & 3D submissions from women artists, only, regardless of their location or their experience or education in the art field. Any subject matter and any media are acceptable for consideration and all women artists are encouraged to submit their best representational or abstract art and photography.

DEADLINE: October 5, 2022

DATES: October 15, 2022 - January 14, 2023

FEE: $25

WHO: International; 2D and 3D mediums from women identifiying artists


International Art Competition Faces

Contemporary Art Room Gallery is proud to announce their 3rd "Faces" Online Art Competition for the month of October 2022. This is an international competition and artists from around the world are welcome to submit their work. Only the face of a person or animal should be visible (single person, a group, or self-portrait). All visual art mediums are acceptable (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage or installation art) except sound and video art. Winning artwork (First place) will be on the poster of the show. All winning artists will receive a digital award certificate. 

DEADLINE: October 6, 2022

DATES: October 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022


WHO: International; All medium


Into the Wild 2022 International Online Juried Visual Arts Competition

Camelback Gallery announces a call to artists. Cash awards to the top 2. Best in Show receives main page slider promotion at CB, blog post at Top Art Awards, news story Art Base, digital art registration at ArtChain.Info & entry into CB's Artwork of the Year Award. All award recipients receive 3-month virtual exhibition, social media exposure, Art Week and Art Base news publications, e-blast announcement, official award certificate + more. All styles of artwork allowed. Subject matter may be any animal, mammal, fish, reptiles or bird considered to be "Wildlife". Mediums to be considered but not limited to: Colored Pencil, Scratchboard, Encaustic, Mixed Media, Gouache, Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, Airbrush, Fiber, Sculpture, Collage, Digital Art and Photography.

DEADLINE: October 9, 2022

DATES: October 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022


WHO: International; All Mediums


9th Annual 2022 “ALL Animal” Art Competition & Exhibition

Online Art Competition to be open for entries from September 12th,2022 to October 9th, 2022. Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. The “ALL Animal” theme is considered to be any art which depicts domestic animals, wild animals, birds, sea creatures, fish, mammals, etc. An exhibition of all entrants will be held online from October 12th,2022 to November 8th, 2022. Artists should submit their best representational and non-representational art.

DEADLINE: October 9, 2022

DATES: October 12, 2022 - November 8, 2022


WHO: International; All Mediums


Here Kitschy Kitschy

Cutting edge Hermosa Beach gallery is looking for the best working artists to feature in an upcoming group exhibition at ShockBoxx Gallery in November of 2022. The top artist submissions will win a Cash Prize as well as receiving Featured Wall Space in the exhibition. This theme is true to its title. Submit your best animal portrait. Just make sure it's bad, really bad...

Artworks will be judged based on creativity, originality, "quality of work", composition, and overall artistic ability.

DEADLINE: October 10, 2022


WHO: International; All mediums 

Monochrome Art Contest

Grey Cube Gallery proudly presents the second Monochrome online art contest for the month of October 2022. Artists from around the world are welcome to submit. Entries must include the black and white or shades of gray as the primary focus, but also the range of a single color such as sepia, green, blue, red, yellow. All visual art mediums (except video and sound) are allowed. All winning artists will receive a digital award certificate. Winning artwork (Best of Show) will be on the poster of the show. $16 for 2 images of artwork.

DEADLINE: October 13, 2022

DATES: October 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022


WHO: International; all visual art mediums 


Call for Art-MOOD

The power of art is healing. This theory rests upon the fact that art connects with emotion. It's an energy. The mood in a piece can connect the viewer in a deeply profound way. An atmosphere has the ability to deliver a certain mental state- sadness, boredom, happiness, fear, surprise, anger, pride, desire, anxiety...and so on. What emotional value does your work convey? Show us MOOD from your perspective.

DEADLINE:  October 14, 2022

FEE:  $25.00

AWARD INFO: $1,250.00

WHO: International; Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture


Materials Hard + Soft Contemporary Craft Competition & Exhibition

The Greater Denton Arts Council in Denton, Texas seeks entries for a juried exhibition, February 3—May 6, 2023. $1,000 Best in Show, $300 Best in Media Category. Jurors: Kathy Brown, Harlan Butt, Brooks Oliver, Talor Roderick, Sam Slovak, James Thurman, Shannon Driscoll. Works produced in any of the craft media: clay, fiber, glass, metal, paper, wood, plastic or any combination of craft media, are acceptable. Entries must be the complete work of the submitting artist. Artists worldwide are encouraged to apply. Kits or commercially designed works will not be accepted. All work must have been completed within the past 3 years and not previously exhibited at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center. Submissions are restricted to a weight limit of no more than 75 pounds.

DEADLINE:  October 14, 2022

DATES: February 3—May 6, 2023

FEE $35

AWARD INFO: $1,000

WHO: International; All mediums 


7th Annual 5x5x5 Show

River Oaks' small art spectacle returns for 2022. The 7th Annual 5x5x5 features a remarkably fascinating showing of miniature works from artists across the U.S., coinciding with the gift giving season. Guest Juror for the 2022 feature is Ashley Kenneth Chavis. River Oaks is inviting all visual artists to participate in this annual miniature feature . The 5x5x5 Show is a signature event for the Arts Center, allowing patrons to purchase unique, original works of art for holiday gift giving or as additions to their expanding collections.

DEADLINE:  October 15, 2022



WHO: National; All mediums 


AQUA - 2022​

Gallerium proudly presents AQUA 2022, a dual exhibition and publication art opportunity. 

AQUA 2022 encourages artists to express their visual interpretations of the symbol of life, purity and change in art, literature and science, known as WATER.

All real and imaginary interpretations of the subject in abstract or figurative style are welcome.

The selected artworks will be showcased in Aqua 2022 international online group exhibition by Gallerium. A subset of the selected artworks will be published in The Book of Arts: Aqua series.

Furthermore, 3 artists with the highest rank will be selected as public choice winners and win USD 1000 cash prizes.

DEADLINE:  October 16, 2022

FEE: Free to apply 


WHO: International; All mediums 


People 2022

People - 2022 is an all-medium dual art competition, presented mutually by Gallerium art exhibitions and The Book of Arts publications.

The purpose is for artists to express their artistic world of human faces, feelings, reasons, and activities in celebration of people and life. Artists worldwide are encouraged to express their visual interpretation of the subject in their own artistic way. The selected artworks will be published in The Book of Arts publication and showcased in an international group exhibition by Gallerium.

This dual opportunity is open to all artists; working in any art medium worldwide.

DEADLINE:  October 23, 2022

DATES: November 15—December 15, 2022.

FEE: Free to apply 

WHO: International; All mediums 

The Big Tiny Show

The District Gallery is pleased to announce our small works exhibition, The Big Tiny Show is back! The Big Tiny Show is a national juried exhibition of small 2D works, opening Friday, November 11, 2022. The Big Tiny Show will include works from established and emerging artists, in a variety of subject matter, media, and expression. All artists aged 18+ at any stage of their career, living in any region of the United States, are encouraged to apply. First, second, and third place cash awards will be given, as well as one six-month gallery contract awarded by the gallery. Cash awards will be juried by Nashville artist Michael Griffin.

DEADLINEOctober 25, 2022

DATES: November 11, 2022 - December 23, 2022


AWARD INFO: The Best in Show winner: $1,000 

WHO: National; Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting


4th Annual “Primary Colors” Online Art Competition

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the gallery’s 4th Annual “Primary Colors” Online Juried Art Competition for the month of October 2022.

The gallery invites all 2D and 3D artists (including photography and digital arts) from around the world to make online submissions for possible inclusion in the Gallery’s November 2022 online group art exhibition.

All artists, regardless of where they reside, are invited to apply to this competition by submitting their best representational or abstract art for this competition.

The “Primary Colors” theme is one in which one of the primary colors (Red, Blue &/or Yellow) stands out as a primary artistic element in the artwork. Any subject matter and any media are acceptable in this open theme competition, as long as the primary colors in the artwork are at least one or more of the three primary colors – Red, Blue &/or Yellow.

DEADLINEOctober 27, 2022

DATES: November 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022

FEE: $18.00

AWARD INFO: The Best in Show winner will receive a cash prize. Winners receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.

WHO: International; All mediums


Carroll Harris Simms National Black Art Competition

$1000.00 awarded to one artist in each of the following categories: painting, sculpture, mixed media, drawing, printmaking and photography. One work is chosen from the category winners as the Best in Show artist. This artist wins the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in the two years following the competition. The Best in Show artist agrees to donate a piece of their work from the show to the museum’s permanent collection. 

In 1976, the African American Museum initiated its first annual competition for southwest Black artists. The purpose of the Competition and Exhibition stemmed from the Museum’s need to build a distinguished art collection and to provide Black artists a venue to display their work. After several years of annuals, the competition became a biennial. In 1999, the African American Museum’s Board of Trustees named the Biennial Southwest Black Art Competition and Exhibition the Carroll Harris Simms National Black Art Competition and Exhibition for Professor Simms’ outstanding contribution to art and art education. 

DEADLINE:  October 31, 2022

DATES: December 17, 2022—March 17th, 2023


FEE: $5.00

WHO: National; artists of African descent over the age of eighteen (18); All mediums 


October PleinAir Salon $30,000 Art Competition

The PleinAir Salon $33,000 Art Competition is a monthly online competition consisting of 19 categories. Over $33,000 is awarded each year for this competition. The Annual Grand Prize winner receives a check for $15,000 and is featured on the cover of PleinAir Magazine. An additional $6,500 is awarded to the annual winners and $1,100 is awarded monthly to the top three winners of each competition as well as a People’s Choice Award. Each of the 23 monthly winners will be automatically entered into the Annual Competition. The annual awards are presented live at the Plein Air Convention & Expo each spring.

DEADLINE:  October 31, 2022

DATES: October 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022

AWARD INFO: $1100 per month, over $33,000 annually

FEE: Early Bird: $29/$12 Regular: $38/$16

WHO: International; Drawing, Painting




International Design Contest for AMADEUS Music with Art '23

This is an opportunity to present your incredible artwork and get a chance to be included in the promotional campaigns for Amadeus Festival 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

AMADEUS Festival Vienna announces the first International Design Competition 2023 with the aim of giving visibility and promoting new emerging artistic talents in visual arts and graphic design. This initiative, framed within the communication strategy of the Festival itself, aims to become a platform to recognize and reward the works of artists who, interested in the world of classical music, help us project and spread the image of the Festival internationally. The theme of this first edition of the contest is “Youth".

DEADLINE: October 4, 2022

FEE: Free to apply 

AWARD INFO: winning design will be used to promote the new edition of the AMADEUS Festival Vienna/ Winner and receive a DOUBLE TICKET to attend the Opening Gala.

WHO: International; Visual Arts, Graphic Design 



BROUHAHART is now accepting submissions for their Virtual Exhibition “MY GENERATION”

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work.

There is no charge to submit your application, please feel free to share your work. [A small fee (£28) is applied per artist once they have been selected for the exhibition].

The team will review all applications and the selected works will be announced.

DEADLINE: October 8, 2022

FEE: Free to apply 

AWARD INFO: Solo Exhibition

WHO: International; Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting

Securing Gallery Representation: What do Artists Need to Know?

Part of the Visual Artists Association’s Visibility Series: An Online Masterclass focused on equipping artists with the skills and knowledge to gain excellent gallery representation.

How do successful artists get noticed by galleries? What do galleries think of your applications? And how can you impress them?

This upcoming Masterclass covers the in’s and out’s of gallery representation. Held on Zoom and open to artists of all levels. This session with help you navigate the basics of gallery representation, get started on applications, and provide you with expert tips to stand out from the crowd.

This session will cover:

Gallery application basics

Steps to finding the right gallery for you

Do’s & Don’ts of approaching art galleries

How to prepare a strong portfolio and ‘getting gallery ready’

Insight into gallery negotiations

Actionable points for you to get started with gallery representation.

This event will also provide you with the chance to ask Gallerists your burning questions about gallery representation. All attendees will receive a guide, worksheet, and glossary to gallery terms.

DEADLINE: October 13, 2022

DATES: October 13, 2022

FEE: £19.99

WHO: International; Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture


Public Art Project at Sam's Crossing Retail/Restaurant District, Decatur, GA

The Decatur Arts Alliance, with the City of Decatur, seeks artists for acquisition of existing work at the new Sam's Crossing retail/residential district in Decatur, Georgia. The Decatur Arts Alliance is seeking three different sculptures, each to be installed at one of three specific sites. Total compensation for each work is determined by specific site. Site A: Up to $40,000; Site B: Up to $30,000; Site C: Up to $50,000. Sculpture artists can submit completed or in-progress work. An evaluation committee of arts professionals, real estate developers, and city staff will review the submissions and recommend the finalists for selection.

DEADLINE: October 16, 2022

FEE: Free

WHO: National (U.S.); Sculpture, Public Art 


Forgan Arts Centre Artist Commission: Sensory Garden

Forgan Arts Centre is commissioning a sensory garden in the grounds of their new site in North East Fife. The garden should provide an experience for the visitor through smell, touch, taste, and sound. It should be accessible for the whole community, but they are especially interested in creating a space suitable for people with visual impairments and people with dementia.

DEADLINE: October 16, 2022

FEE: Free

WHO: National (U.K.); Public Art 


Denbo Fellowships at Pyramid Center

This Fellowship is designed to offer artists, from a range of artistic disciplines, an environment conducive to individual and collaborative creative practice, and provides a unique opportunity to complete a new body of work at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. Applicants should have an interest and potential in printmaking, paper arts, and book arts (or a combination thereof), as well as the quality and clarity of his/her plan for the residency. 

DEADLINE: February 18, 2022; ​Fall 2022 Denbo Fellowship Deadline: June 18, 2022; Winter/Spring 2023 Denbo Fellowship

Application Deadline: October 18, 2022

DATES: 2-4 weeks between June and August 2022

WHERE: Hyattsville, MD

AMOUNT: A stipend for travel, materials, housing, etc. ($250 two weeks, $350 three weeks, or $500 one month)FINE PRINT: Artists are also asked to give an artist talk during their residency. 

WHO: Previous experience in printmaking may be helpful, but not necessary 


Open Call: Residency & Exhibition Summer 2023

All artists worldwide are invited to submit entries for the Boynes Emerging Artist Award. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the 7th Edition will win a 1-month residency in the Italian Alps, Italy through the RUC Residency Program. Categories accepted are Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Photography. 

DEADLINE: October 30, 2022


AWARD INFO: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the 7th Edition will win a 1-month residency in the Italian Alps

WHO: International; Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Photography. 


Call for Installations

The Contemporary Art Music Project (CAMP) will host its second CAMPGround festival from March 16 to 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida. CAMP welcomes compositions in any style, performance, and aesthetic. Selected works will be performed by CAMP performing artists and ensembles.

As part of this years festival, CAMP is happy to be organizing an immersive installation opportunity, set to be displayed at the Tempus Projects in Tampa, FL. CAMP is looking for proposals of installations of any theme or concept. Proposals should succinctly describe the intent of the installation and describe it as completely as possible. They should also delineate all materials required for the production of the installation. Featured CAMP performers are available to play any music required for the installation.

DEADLINE: October 31, 2022

DATESMarch 16, 2023 - March 18, 2023

FEE: $20

AWARD INFO: Opportunity to attend CAMPGround23 and curate a funded, multi-disciplinary art installation at the Tempus Projects

WHO: Internationa; Public Art/Proposals


Here are a couple of great sites we recommend to find even more artist opportunities!

Artwork Archive | Call for Entry

Free to peruse, we feature everything from dream residencies and life-changing grants, to fun festivals, art business workshops, and competitions for some extra cash. We make it easy to search, too! Filter by opportunity type, location, event dates, eligibility, and more to find exactly what your art practice needs to flourish.


While you may know this site for its wide array of calls for shows, exhibitions, and residencies, this site also boasts a collection of grants and awards. Search through the listings at no cost which covers all the need-to-know details for applying, including entry deadline, fees, location eligibility, and more.

The Art Guide

Not sure if you want to apply through a third party, Art Guide is the free artist opportunity site for you. This call for entries website allows you to apply directly to the organization offering the grant. The list is updated daily so there'll always be a great new opportunity to pursue.

Formerly Artist Opportunity Monthly, all you need to do is sign up with your email and they send you thoroughly screened opportunities every month, including grants. AOM prides itself on ensuring each opportunity is worthwhile. A more comprehensive monthly list is offered at $5 a year.

Another site you may have heard of is According to their website, it is “the largest and most respected source for artists seeking income and exhibition opportunities.” The site may cost you a subscription fee of $20 a year to view the majority of its opportunities, but you can still browse many grants listed for free on their homepage and the @ArtDeadline Twitter account.

Curator Space

CuratorSpace is a project management toolkit for curators, organizers, galleries, and artists. It is designed to take the hassle out of managing exhibitions, competitions, fairs, and a whole lot more. Plus, they are a great site for finding art opportunities worldwide!

Re-title is a service for professional contemporary artists searching for opportunities, such as competitions, exhibitions, residencies, etc. A site for international contemporary art, this is another great site to find opportunities around the world! There’s even a map you can click on to search opportunities regionally and world clocks at the top of their site so you can submit applications on time!

Res Artist is a Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies from around the globe. The network comprises more than 700 vetted members in over 85 countries. They aim to support and connect residencies, engage and advocate the importance of residencies in today’s society by providing artists with resources and upcoming residency information. 

Art Rabbit 

Art Rabbit compiles a selection of international open calls and opportunities for contemporary art-related competitions, prizes, exhibitions, awards, proposals, and grants for artists, writers, and curators. They publish a selection of open calls from a pool of submissions and editorial research. Only open calls believed to offer meaningful benefits to applicants at different stages of their careers are published.

Creative Capital 

Creative Capital is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to fund artists in the creation of groundbreaking new work in the visual arts, performing arts, literature, film, technology, and multidisciplinary practices, including socially-engaged work in all forms. Their pioneering model of grantmaking also provides thousands of artists with scaffolding and infrastructure support via professional development programs, networking opportunities, and educational resources.

Art Show attracts thousands of artists and art enthusiasts each day. They advertise worldwide juried shows, exhibitions, and competitions across any and all mediums. has been recognized in "Must-See Web Sites for Artists" by The Artist's Magazine and has received favorable mention in several other art publications, including American Artist, Southwest Art, Watercolor Magic, and The Pastel Journal, as well as The Wall Street Journal.

Ready to apply?

Applications can be extensive. After all, organizations need to ensure their funding will be in good hands. 

Be prepared to present yourself in the best light by having your information and images in an organized manner—and avoiding the last-minute stress of scrambling to find files.

Art inventory software like Artwork Archive can help you get ready to apply for grants and opportunities without the hassle. 

With Artwork Archive, you can manage jury-ready photos of your work and their inventory details, as well as generate professional documents like portfolio pages and inventory reports. If asked for a list of past exhibitions and competitions to validate your professional status, you can see your complete show history with the click of a button. Just think of the time you’ll save not having to remember or dig up all of this information!

You can even add application deadlines to the “My Schedule” feature and receive email reminders before it’s time to submit so you never miss out on these opportunities.


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