How This Artist's Illusionary Paintings Reflect the Realities of Our Emotions

Paige Simianer | April 18, 2024

Alejandra Sieder in her studio. Photo courtesy of the artist

"Embrace art as a profound reflection of your innermost self. Let every stroke and detail of your creation reveal a part of who you are."

Artwork Archive's Featured Artist Alejandra Sieder's paintings are an abstract interpretation of her personal perception of the world around her and an exploration into the introspective self. 

Given that her works are embarking on the exploration of her introspective self, each piece expresses a different mental process. While some pieces feel somber and almost claustrophobic, others are far softer and lighter, transmitting an atmosphere of hopefulness. Alejandra’s work centers on the analysis of the human condition and how we respond to the situations we're confronted with. 

Alejandra combines personal experiences with a bold mix of materials—think oil, acrylic, sand, ink, iron shavings, and resin. This mix gives her canvases a striking texture and mirrors the emotional undercurrents of each piece, making her art not just seen but felt. 

Since childhood, the artist has been captivated by the nuances of human behavior. Her studies in psychology have deepened her understanding of how often people fail to recognize the intrusive thoughts that shape their mental landscape, preventing them from seeking necessary help. But, Alejandra believes in the transformative power of art, stating, "Through the reflection of oneself with the canvas, transcendence over diminished mental states begins to be possible." 

She views each white canvas as pristine and unmarked, and as she paints, she delves deeply into both the canvas and her psyche. Her aim is for her artwork to resonate with the audience by challenging and pushing the limits of our comfort zone.

Artwork Archive had the chance to chat with Alejandra Sieder about her choice of materials, advice she has for other artists, and how Artwork Archive makes her a more organized artist! 

You can see more of her work on Discovery and learn more about her art practice below:

Alejandra Sieder, Infiltrated, 96 x 126 x 4 cm

Do you have a favorite or most satisfying part of your creative process? 

The most satisfying part of my creative process is when I am immersed in the flow of balance.

Internally, my work becomes a meditative process that allows me to stay in the flow and listen to my spirit and inner self. For me, it is a process of internal revolution, where I discover who I am and why I am here.

Another part of my work that I love is the moment when I feel the painting is done—a huge sense of fulfillment starts to appear in my heart, and a huge smile emerges. Once I enter this flow, I detach from the physical world and enter an ethereal one, losing all sense of reality.

In that space, I am free and ethereal. There are no attachments, no family, no friends, and no external world—everything flows along the paths of the soul to grow and evolve. In this space, I connect with a higher energy that guides me.


Could you explain your choice of materials, like sand or iron shavings, and how they help mimic your underlying emotional process?

Depending on the concept and the series I'm working on, I select materials that align with the emotional tone I want to convey.

For concepts that are organic, I may use sand for certain areas to convey a sense of earthiness and natural texture. On the other hand, for more ethereal concepts, I might work with transparencies and incorporate touches of ferrous powder sourced from Japan to create a sense of depth and mystery.

Each material is deliberately chosen to evoke a specific emotion or feeling in the viewer.

Alejandra Sieder in her studio. Photo courtesy of the artist

How do you decide when a piece is physically complete and accurately represents the emotion you’re trying to convey? 

For me, a painting is finished when I hear a voice inside me say, "It is enough. It is all about what I wanted to create."

This moment is marked by a deep sense of satisfaction and alignment with my artistic vision. I know the artwork is finished when I feel goosebumps and a profound certainty rises to the surface, indicating that the piece has reached its intended expression and impact.


What impact do you hope your work will have on those who view it?

I hope my work serves as a portal into my profound perception of human emotions and the struggles that define our existence.

With a keen observational eye, I aim to capture the intricate nuances of people's experiences, distilling their feelings into complex visual narratives that resonate deeply.

My work is a testament to my empathetic connection with the world—a mirror that reflects the spectrum of human emotions in all their raw authenticity.

When you encounter my pieces, you may feel confronted by their form, versatility, movement, and vibration. This creates a visceral connection that allows you to experience them almost physically. Through my art, I seek to explore the myriad ways in which individuals navigate their emotions, inviting you to step out of your comfort zone and recognize the vividness of your existence.

I hope my work encourages viewers to contemplate their feelings and experiences, forging a powerful connection that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. My ultimate goal is to invite you to explore the depths of your emotions and realize the richness of being alive.

Alejandra Sieder, Torus, 90 x 120 x 3 cm

What’s something you wish you knew before becoming a professional artist? 

In hindsight, I wish I had understood that the ultimate goal in art is not the final piece.

It's not the exhibition, the sale, or even others' admiration that counts. It's not the series of finished paintings that matters, but the internal journey that leads me to discover myself in the process of creating them. It's every step, with mistakes and successes, that allows mastery to be acquired.

Therefore, it's about knowing how to work with discipline and dedication, refining technique, accuracy, and consistency.

No matter how many times a painting is started, there comes a point where one knows whether it's working or if it is not the day to paint. At such times, one must humbly withdraw and wait for everything to balance out. 

I wish I had been told that there is no ultimate goal, but to live one's path of discovery in art.


What are you listening to in the studio lately? 

Normally I listen to music from Ludovico Einaudi or Solfeggio Frequencies. It allows me to go into a deep meditative process.

Sometimes I don’t listen to anything, just my breath. And if I am in the mood, I listen to the DG Mindset Podcast.


Alejandra Sieder, Study of Circle 6, 50 x 50 x 2.8 cm

How do you use Artwork Archive on a daily basis?

Every day, I use Artwork Archive to manage various aspects of my art practice. 

It starts with updating my inventory. Whenever I create a new piece or need to update an existing entry, I log details such as titles, dimensions, mediums, and images. This way, I always keep a comprehensive record of all my artworks and their current status.

I also use Artwork Archive to track my art sales and exhibitions. I can easily record when a piece is sold, to whom, and for how much. Similarly, I use it to keep track of upcoming exhibitions, deadlines, and requirements, so I can be sure that I stay organized and meet all of my commitments.

With Artwork Archive's CRM, I can keep track of galleries, collectors, and other artists, as well as any relevant notes or communication history. This helps me nurture professional relationships and stay connected with the art community.

Artwork Archive Tip:

 Artwork Archive has become an essential tool in Alejjandra's daily art practice. It helps her stay organized, professional and focused on her artistic goals. Click here to try Artwork Archive for yourself for free. 


What advice would you give an artist who’s just starting in their professional career?

Embrace art as a profound reflection of your innermost self. Let every stroke and detail of your creation reveal a part of who you are.

To all the women artists, I want to emphasize that you are more than just artists; you are innate warrior creators, goddesses of creativity. Find the courage to bare your soul through your creations, and maintain the wisdom to remain rooted in love and resilient against criticism—all without losing sight of your path.

Do not limit your creativity out of fear of judgment. Be bold, take risks, and infuse your work with your deepest emotions. Allow yourself to evolve, guided by your intuition, which is always genuine. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to growth.

Your art is not merely a display of your skills; it's a reflection of your deepest self. It's born out of introspection, a dialogue with your soul that explores both your light and your shadows. Being an artist, especially as a woman, is a privilege and a responsibility.

It's a privilege to authentically express yourself and a responsibility to positively impact others through your art.

Embrace this journey as a warrior creator and a goddess of creativity. Let your light shine through your work, inspiring others to embrace their inner light.

Alejandra Sieder in her studio. Photo courtesy of the artist

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