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Artwork Archive | July 16, 2020 (Updated April 12, 2021)

You have a dream project. But, the only way it can come to fruition is if you can find a way to fund it.

Luckily, there are people and organizations out there eager to fund these creative endeavors so the world can see! And, to make the magic happen, you two just need to connect. 

That’s where grant proposals come in. 

While it can seem nearly impossible to know where to start writing your own grant proposal (not to mention intimidating, labor-intensive, awkward— insert your own trepidation here), it actually doesn’t have to be. You just need a good way to outline the creative ideas you already have swirling around in your mind to get things moving—and we can help! 

Granting institutions simply want to see that you have all your bases covered, so that the project can be completed successfully, the community benefits, and that their money pays off. A reasonable request in exchange for funding, don’t you think?

Plus, this work to develop your plan on the front end will actually help in the long run: you’ll have an entire plan to work off of—complete with the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, and how's—so you know every step you need to take along the way. Having a plan in place will help ensure your project can be executed.

The key to preparing for a grant application is remembering not only to present a full picture of the project and how it will be carried out, but also why it should be funded in the first place! Many times, it’s the writing that will set your project apart. A thoughtful, clear, and concise proposal will always have a competitive advantage, especially when there’s money on the table.

The free checklist download below includes an easy outline to organize your ideas, explain your project in its entirety, and write your way to the funded project you’ve only ever dreamed of before now. 

Download our free grant proposal checklist below to get started!

Grant Proposal Checklist Download

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