Best Podcast Episodes About Running an Art Business

Artwork Archive | January 26, 2017 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Podcasts and artists are a match made in heaven. 

You can be in the studio creating your next amazing work of art and learn how to grow your art career, all at the same time.

To help you save time and get right to work, we’ve been choosing our favorite podcast episodes for artists. So far, we’ve covered some of the best of art marketing. And, this week’s theme? How to run a successful art business. Whether you need help facing burnout, budgeting, or talking to buyers, load up on all sorts of expert knowledge with these enlightening talks.

Check out our top five podcast episodes jam-packed with important advice on running your art business:

“How to Talk About Your Art Even if You’re A Hopeless Introvert” by The Abundant Artist

Artists typically have the hard skills needed for an art business: painting, drawing, etc. It’s the soft skills, like talking to buyers and closing a sale, that we often need to catch up on. In this episode, guest Vanessa Van Edward, a friendly expert in body language and sales, goes over how to make a good first impression, build trust, and get customers to commit to your art.

“Artistic Budgeting” by College Art Association

Managing finances usually isn’t the first thing on an artist’s mind. But with the help of Elaine Grogan Luttrull, a C.P.A. and owner of a company devoted to improving financial literacy among artists, it doesn’t have to be a pain. In this podcast episode by the College Art Association, you will learn five basic steps to help manage your income and expenses so your art business can thrive.

“Powerful Goal Setting” by Creative Pep Talk Podcast

If you have big art business dreams that always seem out of reach, then this podcast episode is for you. Five minutes in and host Andy J. Miller drops some major truth bombs about setting realistic goals, how to feel like you are actually achieving, and keeping up your enthusiasm.

“How to Recognize, Recover From, and Prevent Future Creative Burnout” by Art Heroes Radio

Guest host Sinclair understands that burnout is a vicious cycle. It creeps up on you, and once you’re burned out, it’s hard to get back on your feet. Armed with understanding how the brain works with creativity and burnout, Sinclair explains how to prevent this brain drain in the first place. Keep your art business alive and thriving by listening to this intriguing podcast episode.

“Creating a Thriving Art Business” by Clark Hulings Fund

What should you be doing now to make sure career grows and lasts? How much should you be creating? What can artists do to increase the value of their art? What gives you an edge when selling art to collectors? Art consultant, advisor, author, and appraiser from, Alan Bamberger answers these questions and more in this podcast episode chock-full of career advice for artists.

Want to listen to more great art business podcasts? Check out 7 Essential Podcasts for Artists.

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