7 Essential Podcasts for Artists

Artwork Archive | June 13, 2015 (Updated April 12, 2021)

7 Podcasts for Artists

Multi-task art learning while listening

What if you could be in your studio creating your next amazing work of art and learning great tips on how to sell your work all at the same time? It’s totally possible. If you listen to music while you work, consider replacing your classical jazz or techno tunes with a podcast from host Antrese Wood or Cory Huff.

These 7 podcasts will teach you new sales strategies, marketing best practices, art licensing tips and much more. All you need to do is listen while you work.

The Savvy Painter

Want to learn the tricks of the trade from experienced artists and professionals? The Savvy Painter podcasts - with host and artist Antrese Wood - feature interviews with artists such as painter and art ambassador Kevin Macpherson, and WW2 vet and accomplished illustrator Ashley Bryan. In addition, you can enjoy episodes on how to organize and plan your gallery show, get licensing advice from expert Tara Reed, and learn how to build relationships with collectors. These podcasts are a nice mix of personal stories from a diverse group of artists and tactical advice on the business of art. 

Artists Helping Artists [Blogtalk Radio]

If you’re interested in unconventional ways to advertise your art, the basics of giclee printing, or getting the most out of social media, Leslie Saeta’s got you covered. This talented painter has a passion for sharing knowledge with other artists and a unique perspective gained from 30 years in the marketing industry. Leslie’s podcasts offer untraditional, yet brilliant tips on how to market your art online. She’s one more reason why artists helping artists is a wonderful thing!

The Abundant Artist

Cory Huff is committed to dispelling the myth of the starving artist and has excellent podcasts on the subject. His podcasts feature interviews with successful artists who impart valuable advice on the business of art. Andrew Tischler, for instance, discusses the importance of tracking hours and inventory, and Flora Bowley shares how to successfully license your art. Check out his podcasts to learn key art marketing and selling tips, to ensure you can achieve your desired level of success.  


Itching to get a better understanding of the art market? From art market analysis to emerging art markets, ArtTactic podcasts discuss all your pressing art market questions. Through interviews with top auction house CEOs and founders of online art marketplaces, industry veterans share success stories and the best places to sell your art. Sound good? We think so! 

Art Heroes Radio

Want to promote your art online with videos? Or, interested in securing your first public art project? John T. Unger of Art Heroes Radio provides those answers and much more art marketing expertise on Art Heroes Radio. Dedicated to podcasting stellar content, John interviews artists and creative entrepreneurs who’ve been through it all and succeeded in the business of art. You’ll learn what works, and more importantly what doesn’t, so you can manage your art career like a pro.

The College Art Association

If you’re looking for professional development, who better to learn from than the College Art Association? They have staff devoted to fostering art career advancement and have been helping artists for 104 years! These podcasts go in-depth on core topics such as budgeting for artists, work-life balance, and honing your artist statement.

Art Marketing Action Podcasts [Art Biz Coach]

Alyson Stanfield is an art marketing expert with 20 years experience in the space. While her podcasts are not currently in production, you can still access the excellent content online. Listen to learn practical art marketing tips like how to attract high-end buyers (#33), utilize a contact list to your advantage (#10), and get others to sell your art for you (#93). Don’t take our word for it. Here is some kind praise from a Podcast fan:

“Talk about an art podcast that changed my life...I still revisit these podcasts and they are the perfect bite-sized marketing nuggets that don’t overwhelm” - Richard Slechta.

Looking for more? Check out 7 More Essential Podcasts for Artists and our favorite art marketing podcast episodes.

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