How to Connect With Other Artists and Boost Your Art Business

Paige Simianer | October 26, 2023

Photo courtesy of Canva

What if you had someone who understands the challenges of managing an art business?

Someone who can offer you valuable insights into their successful strategies—someone you can also become a source of support for, creating a symbiotic relationship with the potential to propel your art business forward.

But, sometimes you can become so focused on creating art in your studio that you forget to take advantage of the art community at your fingertips. So, how do you connect with other artists?

From in-person events to online communities, we've rounded up eight different ways you can connect with other artists.

1. Attend a Local Workshop

Enrolling in art workshops or classes, whether as a student or instructor, can be a fantastic way to meet other artists who share your passion.

You’ll not only brush up on some technical skills, but you’ll also meet all sorts of artists you can learn from, bounce ideas off of, and swap stories about running an art business.


2. Join an Artist Association

Whether it's a local association in your community or a national organization like Oil Painters of America dedicated to your specific medium, there's likely an association meant for you.

Joining an artist association can benefit your art career in multiple ways. Not only do you have the opportunity to make wonderful connections, but you can listen to speakers, meet judges of juried shows, and join tours and workshops. "All of these benefits help you build your resume and earn recognition as an artist", says Debra Joy Groesser, President and CEO of the American Impressionist Society.

Artwork Archive artist Barbara Shelly at Pictor Gallery in NYC at a group show. Barbara, along with two other artists, Laurie Murray and Denise Adler, helped start Pictor Gallery during the pandemic

3. Connect to Online Art Forums and Communities:

There are many online forums and communities dedicated to art out there.

These platforms serve as virtual knowledge hubs where artists openly discuss techniques, tools, and art-related challenges. 

Sites like ArtistForum, Reddit's r/Art, or Artwork Archive’s Discovery Page, can be excellent platforms for connecting with artists, engaging with them, discussing techniques, and seeking advice.


4. Attend an Art Festival/Fair

Yes, art festivals offer a direct avenue for you to sell your work, but they also attract artists from all over, giving you the chance to network, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Not ready to have your own booth just yet? Collaborate with other artists on joint booth setups or art exhibitions within these festivals.

Learn about upcoming art festivals with  Artwork Archive's Annual Opportunity Guide or visit our Calls For Entry page.

Artwork Archive artist Marisabel Gonzalez at her stall during the Opening Night of The Other Art Fair in Sydney July 2022

5. Take Part in Local Open Studios

Studio tours are not just for art collectors and fans. They are a fun way for you to meet fellow artists, learn about their styles and processes, and enjoy a different experience of being in another artist’s creative space.

Sign up for an open studio tour in your area set up by a local organization or join up with other artists you meet to hold your own. You'll be sure to gain insight into running an art business and make valuable connections along the way.

Artwork Archive Tip:

Hoping to find more artists in your area? Search for local artists on Artwork Archive’s Discovery Page. Just click "Search by Location" and type in where you are!


6. Collaborate on Social media

Collaborating with fellow artists on social media is two-fold. Not only do you elevate your online presence, but joining forces and creating engaging content with like-minded creators can significantly broaden your reach. 

Try teaming up for Instagram takeovers, hosting joint live streams, or participating in art challenges. These kinds of collaborations provide an excellent opportunity to share your art with a more extensive and diverse audience.

As you and your fellow artists co-create content or cross-promote one another, you introduce your respective followers to each other—a win-win if you ask us! 


7. Sign up for a mentorship program

Mentorships are founded on knowledge exchange, emotional support, and constructive feedback, all of which can contribute to your growth as an artist. 

And, the mentoring process is a two-way street. Mentors can also learn from their mentees, who may bring fresh knowledge, perspectives, and ideas to the table.

Consider finding or offering mentorship opportunities within your art community.

Photo courtesy of Artwork Archive artist David Diethelm

8. Apply to Art Residencies

Artist residencies allow you to take a break from the ordinary routine of studio and home life and feed your creativity. But, they can be more than just a creative retreat—art residencies offer a unique opportunity to connect with other artists, often in a concentrated and immersive environment.

You'll likely get to connect with people from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, and artistic disciplines. This is the perfect setting for cultivating relationships with creatives who offer fresh perspectives and insights.

Plus, artist residencies often include activities like exhibitions, open studios, and artist talks—built-in platforms for showcasing your work!

You can discover local, national, or international opportunities by exploring Artwork Archive's Annual Opportunity Guide or Calls For Entry page.

Now start connecting!

Branching out in the artist community and connecting with other artists can be a game-changer to your art business. Doing so can give you the opportunity to see how other artists are strategizing for their careers, learn about the processes they use to save time and stress, and network with influential people in the art industry.

Whether you meet in person or online, taking these steps to connect with other artists can bring new life to your art business.

Artwork Archive Pro Tip:

Once you've connected with new artists, make sure you're keeping track of all of their important information! 

With Artwork Archive’s CRM, you’re able to create a contact record for any professional connection you make. This contact record can contain general information, social media links, notes about how you met this person, and other distinguishing features. 


Create your free Artwork Archive account and start effectively managing every facet of your art business. 

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