Featured Artist Dominique Fierro is a Hatian-American whose passion for art and design is reflected through all variations of her work. 

Dominique Fierro uses mixed materials with photography to create her contemporary abstract pieces and portrait that delve into the depths of the human mind. Her work explores the belief systems we unconsciously create through exploring her own beliefs and relationships.

Inspired by the duality of life’s simplicity and the underlying complex emotions that arise, she creates her art by following her intuitive guidance.

Dominique is a also strong believer in giving back. She donates her time and a portion of her profits from her artwork to human rights organizations that fight to end crimes against humanity, end genocide & empower women. 

We got the chance to chat with Dominique Fierro about her creative process, choice of subject matter, and how Artwork Archive has been an integral part of her art career.

You can see more of her work on Discovery and learn more about her art practice below:

Dominique Fierro, 'Curious', 30 x 45 x 1 in

Has your work changed over time—do you find yourself understanding your art career through different periods of expression?

Yes, it’s always changing and shifting.

My work is always a psychological examination of whatever I am facing in life. It’s my therapy. I have a series that I've worked on through whatever emotions relate to that moment in time.

It’s how I work through my emotions and has been the easiest form of expression for me.

Nothing is ever the same and it is ever-evolving.


Can you walk us through the creative process you go through when you start with a piece? 

Each piece I create starts with a bit of a ceremony.

I start by clearing my space with Palo Santo. I also do a short meditation to seek guidance and clarity on what I need to create at that moment. This is followed by a dance session for a somatic release, and then I paint with freedom. Painting is a form of therapy for me.


You mention the importance of questioning our subconscious thoughts and decisions. What methods do you use in your art to encourage viewers to do this? 

I have a series called “Thought Patterns” where I examine my train of thought as it's active. Whenever there is a difference in my emotions while I'm painting, the pattern changes.

When you are very in tune with your emotions you can see how quickly your thoughts can spiral—from a joyful thought to anger or sadness. This is a method I use to stay present and examine how quickly one thought leads to the next and how they can jump to something that happened years ago.

Our feelings are shaped by our thoughts and, depending on what we focus on, we can learn a lot about our internal belief systems. This can help us determine if they are true or false and identify where we might have learned that pattern or belief.

Dominique Fierro, 'Messages From My Subconscious', 45 x 50 in

How do you believe art can be used as a tool for social change and what impact do you hope your art will have on society?

Art forces people to have conversations … many of which people try to avoid because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

But in that feeling, there is growth and truth.

Art has the power to start revolutions and make people question what they have been led and told to believe.

I hope my art inspires people to grow and heal—to dig deep into past conditioning and feel something. Good art makes you feel. Whether it’s shock, anger, sadness, or joy, it should summon a visceral reaction.

If you dig into that you can ask yourself why it makes you feel that emotion. There's something to examine there.


What does success as an artist mean to you?

Success as an artist means to live my truth and paint my feelings.

I also hope to inspire and hopefully bring joy to people through my work—it’s a little piece of my soul that someone can connect with.

Dominique Fierro, 'Mask 19', 6 x 4 in

Why did you decide to use Artwork Archive to inventory/manage your artwork?

Artwork Archive has been a complete game-changer for me. It’s so easy to navigate.

I can create Inventory Reports, search for artwork, and send professional reports to a client in minutes. I don’t know how I survived before I used it.


What advice would you give an emerging artist during this time?

Just create and share your work. Don’t overthink it.

Art is meant to be created and shared.

Know that you won’t be for everyone, and you don’t want to be. Create work that comes from your soul, not what you think people will like.

Dominique Fierro in her studio. Photo courtesy of the artist

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