Get the Perfect Gift for Every Artist on Your List

Artwork Archive | December 6, 2016 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Haven't finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t panic. We know artists can be an especially tough group to shop for, so here's a gift idea for every artist on your list:


The Craftsman

We recommend: Core Apron: Denim By Knife and Flag

No matter the trade, every craftsman values high-quality tools. By gifting a durable and fashionable apron to the craftsman or lady in your life, you are saying, "I understand what you do and what you value." Plus, most craftspeople struggle with constantly having their clothes a mess. Help keep them clean and looking good, in and out of the studio. 


The Sculptor

We Recommend: Grayscale Prisma Color Sketching Set available on Amazon

Sculptors are constantly sketching new ideas and designs—give them the tools to transform even their sketches into works of art! These dual-tip markers are an essential part of any 3-D designer or artist's toolbox. With good ink-flow and perfect for shading quick concept drawings, these markers are a studio staple that every sculptor would be happy to get in their stocking.


The Doodler

We Recommend: A foldable notebook by Flexbook

These notebooks have a useful feature that anyone who sketches on-the-go will appreciate: the cover can be folded 360 degrees to create a flat writing surface. They'll like it so much they'll sketch you on the spot.

On a Budget?

An experience. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t share an artistic or creative experience with someone you care about. Plan a gallery-crawl and surprise them with a cup of cider to stay warm along the way. Check out a museum or go on an art hike together!

The Fabric Artist

We Recommend: Super strength scissors from Kai scissors

Hey, who doesn't love a practical gift? Where this gift lacks glamor, it makes up for in brawn. These scissors can shear a sheep or cut denim, so they’ll make a great gift for anyone who works with fabric or fiber. Any fabric artist will tell you that it’s always useful to have an excellent pair of shears within reach. They even come in gifts sets!


The Painter

We Recommend: A high-quality paintbrush set from Rosemary & Co

Simple, essential, and a perfect stocking stuffer! They will definitely think of you the first time they put fresh bristles to canvass. Check out your local art supply store, or, if you’re shopping online, we recommend Rosemary & Co. brushes. Their brushes are great quality and there’s enough variety to suit any painter’s needs.

The Techie

We Recommend: A smart pen by Livescribe

Smartpens are tech-enhanced pens that can record what you write on paper or aid in digital drawing. The segment is quickly becoming another essential tool for digital artists. Livescribe and Apple are some of the better-known players in this market, but there’s a range of features and price points, so shop around.

The Professional

We Recommend: Business tools from Artwork Archive

A year's subscription to Artwork Archive. The gift of seamless inventory management can help a professional artist jumpstart their art business in 2017. It's feature-packed, powerful, and easy-to-use. They’ll thank you at their next packed gallery opening!


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