5 FAQs About Art Inventory Management Systems

Artwork Archive | July 25, 2016 (Updated September 20, 2022)

During your career as an artist, you’ve probably heard the words “art inventory management system.”

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits or different software recommendations, yet you're not quite clear about the benefits.

Art inventory systems are a simple way to get organized, save time, and manage your art career with ease.

We’ve answered five frequently asked questions about art inventory management systems, so you know what to expect and exactly how one can help your art business thrive.

What is an online art inventory management system?

An online art inventory management system is a way to easily track your inventory, contacts, galleries, sales, and more. Rest easy knowing you can access your work from any device, your data is all in one place, and everything is backed up nightly.

Why should I use an art inventory management system? Is it better than using Excel?

An art inventory management system will help you get organized, so you can spend more time in the studio doing what you love—creating art. Unlike Excel, you can build a full history for each piece you upload and follow it's journey from creation to the final sale.

What does this entail?



Will an art inventory management system increase my efficiency?

Yes! Instead of combing through stacks of paper, spreadsheets, and Post-it notes, you can access everything instantly. It’s an organizational boon. Time that was spent on searching for the right information can now be used for making artwork.

“I am a painter, not an administrator. Anything that successfully keeps my brushes in my hands and still allows me to run my business is essential.” - Terrill Welch

Does the system own any rights to my artwork?

At Artwork Archive, your artwork is yours! We do not claim ownership rights to any information, data, text, photographs, graphics, software, music, sound, video, messages, or other materials or content you make available or use in connection with the site, services, or your account.

You can read the full Terms of Use here.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Make sure you choose a cloud-based service that uses the highest level of encryption, industry best practices, and enterprise level security and hosting. And, one that takes care of the nightly backups and continuity of your data.

Getting a new computer or losing your old one? Your data is always safe on Artwork Archive.

Ready to say goodbye to Post-it note chaos?

The perks of using an online art inventory management system are endless. Take the leap to get organized, save time, and build a better art career. From tracking inventory, contacts, galleries, and sales to ease of use and security, an art inventory system helps you succeed as an artist.

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