Increase Your Art Collection’s Digital Audience with Artwork Archive’s Public Profile

With a public presence you can boost discoverability, increase access and foster engagement with audiences near and far.

Do you want to generate more awareness about your institution? Looking to engage new audiences? Trying to expand beyond your brick and mortar space? Wanting to make your collection and programming more accessible and inviting?

Join us for this informative session on Artwork Archive’s Public Profile. We’ll walk you through the advantages of having a public-facing portal to your collection.

And then we’ll cover the features of the Public Profile including:
- Collections
- Exhibitions
- Artist Pages
- Map
- News
- About section
- And how to embed it all onto your website

You’ll see impressive examples from museums, academic institutions, hospitals, community art centers, foundations, galleries and more.

Learn how:
Museums have received more inquiries from scholars and exhibition partners. Hospitals have tripled their art sales with online fundraisers. Art centers have connected with new artists. Schools have boosted engagement with students and faculty. Public art programs have increased their foot traffic. And that's all from their Public Profile.

And, for those already utilizing the Public Profile, we’ll share tips along the way to help you get the most out of your account.

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