Design Your Online Presence: Customizing an Artwork Archive Public Profile

Showcasing your art online can be a game-changer for your art career. But juggling separate portfolios on your website, social media, and online galleries can be a hassle. That's where your Public Profile on Artwork Archive comes in.

Your Public Profile is an easy, professional way to share your work online—all in one place.

In this jam-packed 1-hour training, we dive into how to customize your Public Profile and leverage it to grow your reach and credibility as an artist. Plus, you'll gain valuable insights from a fellow Artwork Archive artist as they share their firsthand experience in setting up their own profile


What we cover:

• Tips on what makes a Public Profile stand out

• Setting up your own Public Profile

• Integrating it seamlessly with your website

• Showcasing collections of your work

• How to include links to your social platforms

• Growing your audience and career with your Profile


Whether you're new to the platform or a seasoned pro, this hands-on training will help you learn more ways to benefit from creating your own Public Profile.