How to catalog your artworks and preserve your artistic legacy

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What you will find in this guide.

In this short guide, you'll get an overview of how to build an artistic legacy, how to get started inventorying your artwork, why it benefits your art career, and worksheets that will guide you through the process. 


Before you start

Archiving is essential to not only manage your current art career, but also ensures your work is available for future generations. We'll go over what you can expect as you start archiving your artwork, help you define your goals, and set you on the path that will best benefit your career. 


Why catalog your artwork

Creating an archive of your work is a secure way to back up your artwork with all the details about them. Inventory systems allow you to get a full picture of your artwork and business in a dynamic database. 

This guide gives you practical guidelines on what to include while archiving and how to prioritize your tasks. 


Finding the right processes

We answer your top questions about art inventorying, provide checklists that lay out exactly what you need to do, and go over what you should look for when choosing your inventory platform. 

Plus, get personal tips and takeaways on how to incorporate archiving into your workflow.