A free guide filled with art activities for kids of all ages

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What you will find in the guide.

How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus
Help kids feel in control and offer comfort and honesty. This guide will help you keep the conversation going with educational websites and videos.  


Tips and resources to help structure your day 

Feeling a bit lost with our new normal of seemingly endless hours in the day? One of the secrets that makes school days work so well is a routine. This guide provides a sample schedule for you to use as a starting point along with a list of engaging, educational and inspirational activities. 


Activities for all ages

Find activities of all types for all ages. This guide features:

  • Podcasts for young children

  • Mindfulness activities for kids and teens

  • Activities with just paper and a drawing material

  • Activities using mostly household items

  • Outside/nature activities


About the author Kristen Ramsey received her masters in art therapy in 2013. She started her art therapy journey by working part time at both a free standing psychiatric hospital and a children’s hospital, combining art therapy and yoga at both establishments. In 2015, she had the honor of joining the Tracy’s Kids team full time. She is amazed every day at how art therapy impacts the lives of those it touches, and is honored to be the one who gets to guide patients through that process.